2015 State Merit Teams Announced

The 2015 Junior Regional Championships were held at the Home of Penrith Touch (the Kingsway Playing Fields) over the weekend. The event brings together the top Junior talent from across the state under the 6 NSW permits, showcasing our Junior elite in a two day battle for Regional Supremacy.

Displaying the tremendous depth of Junior talent in our ranks, the event saw a record number of Drop offs in the most evenly contested Regional Championships on record. In among the battles, teams of selectors scanned the pool of talent to put forward the best of the best, the 2015 State Merit Teams.

NSWTA wishes to congratulate the following athletes –

14 Boys – 2015 State Merit Team

Tom Baum – Scorpions

Thomas Edgley – Scorpions

Kurt Donoghue – Hornets

Declan Bitar – Mets

Bailey Hayward – Mets

Zac Bitar – Mets

Ben Trbojevic – Scorpions

Lawson Rankin – Hornets

Max Buderus – Eagles

John Connolly – Hornets

Samuel Hooper – Suns

Decan Ahipene – Scorpions

Luke Trevillian – Mets

Angus Rawlinson – Suns

14 Girls – 2015 State Merit Team

Pihuka Duff – Scorpions

Lucy McDonald – Scorpions

Lucy Anderson – Suns

Gabrielle O’Connell – Suns

Isabella Slattery – Rebels

Madison Higgins-Ashby – Scorpions

Kaleigh McDonald – Mets

Grace McCahon – Mets

Lily Murdoch – Suns

Georgia Carroll – Suns

Taylah Nicholls – Scorpions

Gabrielle Davis – Suns

Ebony James – Hornets

Sariah Paki – Scorpions

16 Boys – 2015 State Merit Team

Declan Casey – Rebels

Shannon Gardiner – Scorpions

Ray Wehbe – Scorpions

Ben Stevanovic – Mets

Conor Hickey – Scorpions

Blake McCaffrey – Mets

Harrison Haywood – Scorpions

Mathew Smith – Hornets

Isaiah Niumata – Mets

Max Burey – Suns

Dylan Duffy – Hornets

Mitchell Leonard – Hornets

Will Roberts – Mets

Adam Boumelhem – Mets

16 Girls – 2015 State Merit Team

Faith Nathan – Scorpions

Kelsey French – Hornets

Amy Dufour – Hornets

Tamyka Laws – Rebels

Brittney Clifford – Scorpions

Chloe Scranage – Scorpions

Aaliyah Paki – Scorpions

Rachel Fear – Scorpions

Bronty Hull – Suns

Brydie Parker – Hornets

Erin Cullen – Hornets

Abigael Shepard – Scorpions

Sarah Crackenthorpe – Suns

Georgia Wood – Mets



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