Become an affiliate

Touch Football is a thrilling sport that allows people of all walks of life to achieve their goals; whether that is the thrill of challenging oneself to compete at their best, the thrill of a fast, skillful and exhilarating sport, the thrill of meeting new people or the of being a part of something that can span a lifetime.

By starting an affiliate, you will not only add to the health and well-being of the community but you will have a great time too. There are many different ways of operating an affiliate however they can all be difficult to do on your own. NSW Touch Football provides support for all clubs big and small and will help you achieve your affiliate’s goals.

Starting your own affiliate and becoming affiliated with NSW Touch Football is a great way to develop your community. Whether you are an individual, group of parents or a business operator we are here to help you succeed.


  • Representative Pathways
  • Technical Development and Support. (Referees, Coaching and Selecting.)
  • NRL Alliance
  • Organized Tournaments
  • NSW Sport and Recreation partnerships
  • Full Time Development Officers
  • MySideline Competition Management Program
  • New website offering ($15.00 + GST per month)
  • School Development Infrastructure

Become a NSWTA Affiliate

Below is a guide for perspective NSWTA Affiliated Touch Associations to follow to ensure that all areas are covered for the affiliation process;

  1. Complete New Affiliate Expression of Interest Form
  2. NSWTA will contact you and provide an Affiliation Information Package; which highlights all of the services provided by NSWTA including Insurance and an Application for Membership.
  3. Additionally during this time a “not for profit association” should be formed; for further information visit
  4. Once the Affiliation Information Package is received and the above processes are completed an Application for Membership form need to be sent back to NSWTA; (which includes a bond that is deducted from your first seasons affiliation fees)
  5. With the Application for Membership form received, NSWTA will then verify membership and if successful will be contacted by the clubs allocated NSWTA Membership Services Coordinator to assist in all the necessary processes.