Grant Writing Hacks 

We all know that the grant writing application process can be tedious and time consuming, and most of the time our volunteer based Affiliates don’t know where to start. Sports Community understands these challenges and have provide their Top 5 grant writing hacks below.

1. Focus on people, not stuff: Talk about the impact the project will have in the community.

2. Do your research: Demonstrate the need within the community and use demographic data to support your claim. Clearly reference evidence-based research and use it to justify your application.

3. Professionally present your club and your members: Make sure your club is presented as competent and capable of executing the proposed plan. This means your application needs to flow well and tell the amazing story of your club. 

4. Use visual materials: Provide photos, use tables or insert graphics into your document. Or, attach a well-produced video or slideshow! 

5. Follow the rules and address the criteria: Sounds obvious, but so many people miss this step!

Available Sports Grants:

Agency: Department of Health and Aged Care

Program Name: Play Our Way Program

Description: This Forecast Opportunity provides information relating to a possible upcoming grant opportunity, likely to be available during the below Estimated Period of Release. By registering on GrantConnect you can be notified of any grant opportunity offered by the Department of Health and Aged Care. Please note any details relating to this Forecast Opportunity may change with the published Grant Opportunity.

The Play Our Way program Grant Opportunity is an open competitive opportunity that will provide funding of up to $200 million (inclusive of Government administration costs) over three years from 2024-25.