2016 Elite 8 Country Mavericks Teams Announced

NSW Touch Football are pleased to announce the NSW Country Mavericks Teams that have been selected to represent at the 2016 Elite 8 in Coffs Harbour.


The Country Mavericks selections are based on those players that are currently representing NSW Country Affiliates or have NSW Country origins within NSW Touch Football events.


Men’s Team

1 Bart Hill
2 Brad Hayes
3 Corey Whitaker
4 Daniel Langbridge
5 Dylan Hennessey
6 Dylan Thompson
7 Jarod Rotomah
8 Josh Leota
9 Luke Simmons
10 Luke Tonegato
11 Matt Tope
12 Mitch Bourke
13 Paddy Coelo
14 Scott Bundy
15 Terry Deegan
16 Tom Dafter
Coach John Dalton

Assistant Coach Paul Farah

Manager Paul Connelly

Selector Bob Monkley


Women’s Team

1 Aalayia Paki
2 Ainsley Hughes
3 Amy Regal
4 Chloe Cheney
5 Erin Farah
6 Isabelle Houston
7 Jasmin Dillon
8 Jessica Potts
9 Kirra Dibb
10 Lily Goodchild
11 Maddison Crowe
12 Melinda Holt
13 Milly Hughes
14 Olivia Paterson
15 Rebecca Mounsey
16 Shannon Rose
Coach Mark Boland

Assistant Coach Brooke Playford

Manager Sheralee Langbridge

Selector Annette Thomas-Schumacher

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