2016 State Cup Participants Update

With State Cup only a few days away we have some important details for all State Cup Participants. The below information will go a long way to ensuring everyone has a great event experience.

No Managers Meeting (Ball Pick Up Only)

As per information in the State Cup Conditions of Entry there isn’t a Managers Meeting. This has been replaced by several other aspects which we need to ensure that you are across;

  1. Team Management & Participant Briefing Video: This has been sent to you earlier however please ensure you view this as the information is essential; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPa68W3X-h4
  2. Team Management Manual: This is the first release of this Manual and it can be downloaded here or viewed via the NSW Touch App. It includes all the finer details.
  3. Ball/Information Collection: Each Team must have a representative of their Team Management collect their Official Match Ball and Info Pack. These are available to be picked up from the Regional Stadium between 4pm-8pm Thursday 1stDecember or between 7.30am to 10am on Friday 2nd December.


Team Uniforms

There has been significant advertisement around the proper uniform which includes tops, bottoms, hats and socks. This also extends to Team Management and this information is listed in the Team Management & Participant Briefing Video. Should players not be attired correctly they will be removed from the field by the referees. To avoid such a situation impeding your team please ensure that everyone from your team is properly attired in full club uniform.


Draw & Competition Structures Update

As we get closer to the event things do occasionally change to the structure of the draw with some teams moving out of the competition. As such please review the following details/documents;



Our annual “InTouch magazine” will be released in the coming days and will be available on our NSW Touch phone App and via our website: www.nswtouch.com.au


NSW Touch Phone App

To be ahead of the game download the “FREE” NSW Touch smart phone App. The App includes all information for all participants as we as alerts. Be sure to turn on push notifications for the best event experience. Search the Apple App store or Google Play for “NSW Touch”


Recovery Bar-LouFerguson

Adjacent to the Merchandise tent we have LouFerguson’S Recovery Bar.  The LouFerguson RecoveryBar is every referee’s one stop sports recovery solution. All under the one roof, we provide the latest in sports recovery to help you Recharge, Refuel and Recover before, during and after every game. A RecoveryBar Pass provides each player, the flexibility to recover when it suits them with our UNLIMITED access to our trademark 4 steps to sports recovery which includes: Ice Baths, NutrtionBar & Chill out zone. For more information http://www.louferguson.com/product-category/nsw-touch-football-state-cup/


Venue Map & Parking Maps

To view the venue map please select Venue Map (Updated).  Given the number of games each team participates in, it’s essential that you have a basic knowledge on the lay of the land.

To ensure you travel and park safely and in the most efficient time please view the Parking Map

Alternatively all other information regarding the State Cup can be found via: https://nswtouch.com.au/representative/state-cup/

Keep up to date with all of the latest news and information from the 2016 New South Wales State Cup: 

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Facebook – www.facebook.com/nswtouch

Twitter – www.twitter.com/nsw_touch (#nswstatecup)

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