2017 Merit Teams Announced

At the 2017 Junior Regionals the NSW Touch Football Selectors have identified the merit teams for each of the divisions. Each team comprises of 5 Middles, 5 Links, 3 Wingers and a Utility player. These positions are selected on the basis of where players played for their team across the event.

NSW Touch Football would like to congratulate the following players selected;

14 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Kiiahla Duff Hornets, Tarsha Wellings Hornets, Mia Rodgers Mets, Madison Graham Mets, Brearna Nathan Scorpions

Links: Caisha Shorrock Hornets, Lara Wilkinson Scorpions, Matilda James Hornets, Maggie O’Rielly Mets, Gracie Carpenter Scorpions

Wingers: Malayiki Russell Scorpions, Millie Durdevic Scoprions, Sheylese Haldane Mets

Utility: Petrea Spencer Eagles

14 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Christian Jardim Mets,Teddy Wilson Scorpions, David Tauariki Rebels, Nesta Tutunoa Scorpions, Christopher Lennon Hornets

Links: Jonah Pezet Hornets, Maxwell Titley Rebels, Daniel Odonnell Scorpions, Lachoneus Paki Scorpions, Patrick Voss Suns

Wingers: Cooper Maytom Hornets, Dellacruz Paita-Pepo Mets, Cuban Porter-Sheen

Utility: Finn Watkins Scorpions

16 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Pihuka Duff Scorpions, Sariah Paki Scorpions, Brooke Goodhand Hornets, Bellah Pipe Hornets, Paris Mooney Scorpions

Links: Maddi Ashby Scopions, Maddi McGrath Scorpions, Erin Naden Hornets, Emily Harman Hornets, Isabella Geros Scorpions

Wingers: Jessica Nagy Scorpions, Brianna HIbbet Scorpions, Sophie Crouch Suns

Utility: Lucy McDonald Scorpions

16 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Michael Tannous Mets, Jessie Jenkins Hornets, Griffin Banford Scorpions, Connor McCann Scorpions, Jerome Williams Rebels

Links: Bailey Hayward Mets, Liam Tonpi Mets, Decan Ahipene Scorpions, Samuel Anjoul Mets, Lachlan Farah Mets

Wingers: Luke Trevillian Mets, Verdelh Antonio Hornets, Kaya Ardita Hornets

Utility: Jamie Lawler Rebels

NSW Touch Football does not select merit teams from the 18’s divisions. Players are instead identified as potential squad members for the NSWTA Development Teams which participate at the National Youth Championships in September. The final squads of these are completed post State School Team selections (CCC, CHS & CIS) and will be announced in July.


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