2018 Elite 8 Assistant Coach & Manager Positions Announced

NSWTA would like to congratulate the following Assistant Coaches and Managers on being appointed to positions for the NSW teams for Elite 8 2018.

The Elite represents not only an opportunity for players in the pathway to both State and national representation but also offers the same for coaches & managers.

We are pleased to announce a mix of experienced and new Assistant Coaches & Managers in roles within the Team NSW Elite 8 structure. We are sure the Team Management staff will provide the best opportunity for those players within the system to excel within the team structure and at the Elite 8 event.


The selected Assistant Coaches are:

NSW Country Mavericks

Men’s Assistant Coach = Andrew Wise

Women’s Assistant Coach = Paul Farah

NSW Scorpions

Men’s Assistant Coach = Nhut Trinh

Women’s Assistant Coach = Anthony Dudeck

NSW Mets

Men’s Assistant Coach = Phil McIlwraith

Women’s Assistant Coach = Edith Nathan

NSW Rebels

Men’s Assistant Coach = Pat Batiste

Women’s Assistant Coach = Simon Bassett


The selected Managers are:

NSW Country Mavericks

Men’s Manager = Hamish McLean

Women’s Manager = Sheralee Langbridge

NSW Scorpions

Men’s Manager = Ricky Hetherington

Women’s Manager = Gary Croft
Women’s Manager = Christian Browne

NSW Mets

Men’s Manager = Dean McKechnie

Women’s Manager = Kim Solman

NSW Rebels

Men’s Manager = Sean Glachan

Women’s Manager = Melinda Scranage


Again, we would like to congratulate the Head Coaching positions as outlined above. We believe these coaches will bring great value to their positions with their respective Elite 8 NSW teams for 2018.

The 2018 Elite Series and National Touch League will be conducted at Coffs Harbour International Stadium from March 7 to 10, 2018.

Should you have any questions regarding the team management appointments, or player eligibility, please contact Jocelyn Burnett on Jocelyn.burnett@nswtouch.com.au, or 02 9558 9333.

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