2018 Smith Medalist

The two most anticipated awards presented at the annual New South Touch Football State Awards are our Boland and Smith Medal’s. The medals are named after legends of the game, Mark Boland and Karen Smith. This distinguished honour rewards the best and fairest players throughout the 2018 Vawdon Cup campaign in the men’s and women’s Premier League divisions respectively.

Votes are awarded on a 3, 2, 1 basis throughout the season. Mark and Karen were in attendance this evening to present the awards. The Smith Medal was awarded to Patricia Michaelopolous.

At the end of round 8 of the 2018 Vawdon Cup, Clare Tandek lead Patricia Michaelopolous by 1 vote in the Smith Medal count.

In round 9 Patricia received 3 votes and Clare received 1 vote which now saw Patricia take the lead by 1 vote.

In round 10 Patricia received 3 votes with Clare receiving no votes.

In the final round of the 2018 Vawdon Cup series Clare received 3 votes to come within 1 vote of her rival on 24 points. In a tightly contested game between Wests Magpies and Newcastle Knights Patricia came away with 1 vote leaving her with 25 points and a Smith Medal to call her own.

Patricia is a home-grown Western Suburbs Magpie having also represented both New South Wales and Australia. She also had success this year with the Women’s West Tigers inaugural NRL Touch Premiership team.

“It has been such a massive year for me and I am so humbled to have received an award like this,” Patricia said.

‘“I never in a million years thought I would ever receive such a distinguished honour throughout my career and I really want to thank New South Wales Touch Football for providing so many avenues for me to improve my game”.

“I was lucky enough to represent the West Tigers in the inaugural NRL Touch Football Premiership and I am so excited to see what next year will bring given the games expansion,” Patricia said.

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