2019-2022 Technical Development Plan-Referees

The NSWTA has over the past 12 to 18 months been reviewing our Technical Development Plan (TDP) based on the feedback and the issues currently being experienced by our affiliates and to a lesser extent, but still significant, our regions.

The major concerns coming to us from affiliates is around referee retention and development at grassroots. It has been a consistent thread of feedback from the affiliates to our Member Services Coordinators, Sport Manager and Events team. This feedback has been supported in discussions with crucial referee personnel around the state, and we agree it needs attention.

Further to this affiliates, and we also agree again, are being manipulated by some in the refereeing ranks seeking unsustainable levels of compensation to represent those affiliates at NSWTA events placing an unwarranted financial strain on the Affiliate.

It has been widely reported through participation studies, both for all sports and for Touch Football specific, that a critical element to the retention of participants is an excellent officiating system at their competition. Further often retention of officials is based around the level of support and coaching they receive at the park level. The new TDP looks to address both of these key issues for our affiliates. It also looks at the development and pathways for referees, coaches and selectors.

The key benefits under the TDP in Referees for affiliates and regions are as follows;

-The process to develop key personnel at the affiliate level in the Referee Director role via providing the correct skill set through education and accreditation as a Foundation /or Talent level referee coach. This will provide the support required for your current and further park level referees. We are just as invested as the affiliates in this need, and as such, this accreditation program will be funded by the NSWTA for the first 12months to the extent of over $35,000.

-It will look to set up a system that identifies a referees home affiliate and whom they represent at NSWTA run events to take away the buy and sell market currently hampering our members.

-Provide access to an educational platform for affiliates and regions to establish development, retention and management of these key personnel.

Attached herewith is the TDP specific to Referees. Please read and identify the areas where you and your Affiliate and region can most benefit. Should you have any questions, please direct these to our Sport Manager, Daniel Rushworth at this office or via email [email protected]


Memo Technical Development Plan (Referees) July 8 2019

Technical Development Plan Overview (Referees) July 8 2019

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