2019 Vawdon Cup Finals Series Announcement

NSW Touch Football is pleased to announce the 2019 Vawdon Cup Finals Series comprising of 2 weeks of Semi Finals followed by Grand Final Day.

Congratulations to all teams that have progressed to the Finals Series of the 2019 Vawdon Cup. No doubt this is a culmination of a number of months hard work and dedication by both the coaching staff and the playing contingent and we wish your team all the best in the remaining matches.

To ensure that the Finals Series goes ahead with ease please revisit the 2019 Vawdon Cup Conditions of Entry for Finals Eligibility and Drop Off Procedure details. Please also read the following memo and adhere to all NSW Touch Football staff directions at all times.

Memo – 2019 Vawdon Cup Finals Series Details Memo

Below are particularly important extracts from the Memo around the Finals Series and also pertinent reminders leading into the finals so that we can all enjoy the games and NSWTA staff do not have to interrupt you during games to deal with these issues throughout the Finals.

Player and Coaching Staff Behaviour

We would remind all of the mutual respect policy that is in place for NSWTA events. Following Round 1, teams were strongly reminded of the correct process to be followed after behaviours by players and coaching staff were found to be not unacceptable and this has re-occurred in the past few weeks. Please be clear that referees will be instructed going into the final series to adhere to the policy and deal with any level of abuse appropriately and immediately. The discipline of players and team management is accountability on them as individuals and as a collective.

Spectator Behaviour

It is the responsibility of affiliates to ensure that your spectators behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to both game officials, NSWTA officials and opposition players. Of late there has been a rise in extremely inappropriate behaviours and comments by spectators toward match officials and opposing teams. We are aware of these incidents and the alleged perpetrators of the same and will be keeping a close eye on those individuals and groups during the final series. Should the inappropriate behaviours continue we will deal with your affiliate on the matter.


All affiliates and teams are aware of the uniform policy for representative level play at NSWTA events. It is both unfortunate and disappointing that teams continue to deliberately flaunt this policy, even after being advised by NSWTA officials to correct their uniforms. Note that the policy will be strictly enforced during the Finals series (in particular, wearing a multitude of different hats, socks and even playing shorts). In the instance of shorts, it has been noted players might be wearing club shorts but they are of different designs. This is not acceptable. All players must be correctly uniformed in the approved club uniform as submitted by the affiliate.

Please be familiar with the below contents in relation to the Finals Series schedule.

N.B. The match schedule is subject to change pending any venue implications and adjustments.

Semi Finals Week 1

These will be held across two venues (Bankstown and Parramatta) on Friday October 18th.

Click here to view the match schedule for Semi Finals Week 1.

Semi Finals Week 2

These will be held at one venue (Parramatta) on Friday October 25th.

Click here to view the match schedule for Semi Finals Week 2.

Grand Final Day

The 2019 Vawdon Cup Grand Final Matches will be held at the Vale of Ah Reserve, Auld Avenue, Milperra (Home of Bankstown Touch Association) on Sunday October 27th.

Click here to view the match schedule for Grand Final Day.

Finally, NSW Touch Football would like to wish you and your team all the best at the 2019 Vawdon Cup Finals Series. Should you have any questions on the 2019 Vawdon Cup Finals Series, please make contact via NSW Touch Football Events Coordinator Keith Lee [email protected].

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