2020 JSC NTH DAY 1 7.00pm UPDATE

Firstly can we say thank you to the participants, referees, parents and affiliates for the patience and understanding all have shown over the course of today.

It was obviously difficult conditions and uncomfortable for all (although it looked like the kids enjoyed it).

Staff along with the head groundsman have completed an inspection of all fields this evening.

There will be multiple field changes for Saturday, these are currently being made and will be advertised this evening via our communication channels.

To give us the best opportunity to get through the event we will still need to play games on some fields that are in poor condition. We will monitor these during the course of the day to ensure they do not become dangerous. By doing this it will take the pressure off some of the better fields for finals day.

Depending on how field conditions hold up during the course of tomorrows play will determine if we can play the finals series as planned or if we need to consider reducing the finals series.

Tomorrow’s games will commence at 9 am and the last game finishes at 4.55 pm.

Dean Russell
General Manager

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