30 Year Anniversary-2018 Yass Knockout

Australia’s favourite knockout event will be turning 30 in 2018.

The Yass Knockout is a hugely successful Club and Affiliate Team competition that caters for all levels of participation. The 2018 version will be conducted on the 27th & 28th January and will have over $15,000 n prize money on offer.

Nomination Details;

You must nominate and register your players online at (www.yasstouch.com.au) and the team nomination fee of $300 must be paid online.
Players must be registered in a 2017 Season 1 or Season 2 competition affiliated with NSWTA, TFA or FIT to qualify to play in the 2018 Yass Touch Football Knockout. Team nominations will be limited to 120 teams and the Knockout will only be played at Walker Park, Yass.

Nominations Close 12 January 2018

For more information on the regulations of the competition please see below;

Knockout Rules

A Round Robin competition for all teams on Saturday (3 games) with a Knockout competition on Sunday.
• The competition will be six-a-side.
• Each game will be 25 minutes duration.
• Change ends after each touchdown.
• The first touchdown in each match on both days except for the Grand Final on Sunday is worth 3 points; the second touchdown and each subsequent touchdown are worth 2 points. Touchdowns in the Grand Final are wor th 1 point. Draws on Sunday will be decided by the drop-off system.
• Mixed teams must have the minimum of 3 female players on the field.
• A player can’t play for more then one team in a division e.g. Men’s division.
• All teams to be at the ground 5 minutes before the game is due to commence.
• A points system will operate on Saturday with 3 points for a win; 2 points for a draw; 1 point for a loss; and 0 points for a forfeit.
• Any player sent off for the remainder of the game will receive an automatic one game suspension on either day unless the YTA’s Judiciary believes otherwise.
• Each team will play at least 3 games on Saturday and at least one game on Sunday. There will be no repechage competition for first round losers on Sunday.
• Players in each team must wear the same playing shirt with a number on the back or on both sleeves. Players can’t swap playing shirts.
• All players must wear approved touch shoes while playing.
• Each team to supply own touch ball.
• All decisions by the YTA’s Knockout Disputes Committee are final.
• Each team is required to nominate a qualified
• non-playing referee to participate in the Knockout – Playing Referees will NOT be allowed.

For more information please view;

2018 Yass Touch Knockout Nomination Form_30 Year Anniversary!

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