In Australia, we love our sport. We love it for all number of reasons; importantly, sport gives our communities a sense of connectivity and social interaction. Our game, Touch Football, provides this opportunity to connect and socialise better than most. It is a crucial element of why we play the game, especially at the park level.

I am sure that while we are in this lockdown and play is suspended, all of you are missing connecting and socialising with teammates, friends and even family. However, we can use our sport to keep in touch with our mates—no matter whether you are waiting to play in the winter or the summer competitions. We can use this unprecedented event to stay in touch with each other.

Therefore, in looking to take a glass-half-full approach to the situation, we find ourselves in, we are today launching the “#InTouch” initiative.

The NSWTA is encouraging all our community and membership to stay connected with your team. Stay socially active with your mates. We would encourage you to take the time that you might generally be playing and or training together and still connect with each other. i.e. If you might typically play on a Wednesday night- why not take half an hour and organise an online catch up with the team. Swap lies and relive past glories. Set each fitness challenge and or skill challenge. (and let us know #InTouch)

Referees don’t need to feel left out either. Take the same opportunity to connect with the members of your referee group at your park. Take the time to socialise with your peers, stay connected.

It just doesn’t have to be our park teams either. If you are involved in a representative team, you can also stay #InTouch during this lockdown.

When we get to the other side, and we all want to commence playing again, we want to make sure that we are all ready to start playing again. Staying connected with your team and your mates will allow this to occur quickly when we all get the green light.


Best wishes and stay safe,

Dean Russell

General Manager

New South Wales Touch Association


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