As advised earlier today, there was significant rainfall in the Port Macquarie region during the evening, and this has continued unabated throughout the morning. We have had 83 ml as of 10.15 am. The impact has been disastrous with significant flooding effecting all fields, with further rainfall predicted throughout the day.

Due to the weather condition, we announced that we were suspending play until 12noon when we would provide further advice. We did this with a view that the state the fields were in this morning, at the end of section 1 they would have been unplayable.

Since that announcement, NSWTA staff have been working on several scenarios and reworkings to play the 378 games still to be played before the final’s series. To further complicate the situation, and it is a significant complication, the Public Health Order in place and the restriction of no more than 3000 persons on the venue at any one time dramatically impact our ability to manage field conditions with the movement of games. We cannot place games in the time gaps we have to move persons on and off the venue to ensure we always remain compliant with the Public Health Order.

During the course of the morning, the weather conditions and the conditions of the fields has steadily become worse. Field inspections have shown significant flooding, and they are both unplayable and dangerous. Weather forecasts which earlier in the week showed a 70% chance of 10-20ml for today and 5-10ml for tomorrow. These have been revised to forecast continued rain throughout today and this evening with a 70% chance of 20-40ml tomorrow.

We are now in a situation whereby without playing games today, we cannot conclude the event. Even if we were to not play any game today, the fields and the required number of fields would not recover for play tomorrow. Added to that, in the scenarios that have been worked upon, there is no suitable outcome to play just one day, Sunday, and get all the games with the available fields and ensuring that we also are COVIDSafe compliant.

With regret and sadness, we advised that we are forced to cancel the remainder of the 2021 Junior State Cup- Northern Conference.

We know this decision will cause disappointment, frustration and some anger. Please understand that the decision is not taken lightly or without due consideration of all possible alternatives. We can also advise that your disappointment is undoubtedly shared by the staff who have put in countless hours over the past three months with numerous complications due to the environment we currently live in to put this event together for the kids. It indeed leaves us, as it likely leaves you with a very hollow feeling.

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