A new era for Touch in Bankstown

Both Associations are pleased to inform their members of the intention to work together to become one (1) entity.

This joint position comes after three years of discussion and consultation and with the blessing of the NSW Touch Association. The NSW Touch Association General Manager Dean Russell was pleased with the announcement.

“Both parties have endured a long and sometimes arduous journey to get to this point, and at times we were concerned it would not occur. However, the openness of the organisations to work toward this goal, and the positive intent shown by both at the most recent meetings gives real hope for a great future for the sport in the area,” said Russell

“It was important that both were allowed to address any grievances and carefully consider the future of the sport in the area through the negotiation process to get to this exciting step off point. The leadership of both Presidents should be commended. It has allowed us to be in a positive position to have a prosperous future for the sport in the area that is now a real reality” he added.

Bankstown Jets President, Jenenne Papadopoulos was also pleased that the agreement had been struck.

“This is a wonderful outcome for both our clubs and a win for touch football in our area. We are looking forward to becoming one strong harmonious club.”

Touch football stalwart and Bankstown TA President, Keith Rozairo was also pleased with the position the sport is now in for the area.

“Through recent fulfilling meetings, I see a shift in ideas from both our sporting bodies towards a unified Touch Football focus in the greater Bankstown community. There is, and I hope ongoing consultation to build participation levels in both Junior and Senior areas of our sport. I only see positive times for this venture.”

The working toward becoming one (1) entity has a three (3) year timeframe; however, that does not mean it cannot be accomplished in a shorter period. A Management committee with three members from both organisations has been put in place to develop the governance and future construct for the move to the one (1) entity model. Once their work has been completed, they will present the recommendation both organisations memberships for the members to agree to become one (1).

Importantly both organisations have agreed that the history of both will not be lost and will be recognised by the new entity along with the continuation of the community projects currently undertaken.

During this period of development and working through to the one entity model, the NSWTA has allowed for dual representative pathways to exist. In this way, it will complement not only the intent of both organisations to become one but replicate what that future would look like.

Management Committee Members

Bankstown TA
Keith Rozairo
Daniel Gardner
Rashik Prasad

Alternate Delegates
Anthony Harb
Emma Rozairo

Bankstown Jets TA
Jenenne Papadopoulos
Kylie Wilkinson,
Mette Kitiona

Alternate Delegates 
Daryl Melham
Kelly Miller

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