The NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, has today announced the release of updated advice for the sector relating to spectator attendance at community sport.

To read the full release, please click here.

From Saturday 26 September, interregional community sporting competitions/activities can recommence without restricting these activities to regions or zones, where there is a COVID19 Safety
Plan for the community sporting activity in place. Therefore, our advice on August 24 is superseded by this advice.

We would like to thank our community for their considerable support in managing the risks of COVID-19 transmission following our previous advice.

This has helped protect the community and minimise impacts and allowed us to get back to this point.

The advice provided in August regarding limiting spectators to one parent per child, and inter-region sport has been removed, however, Dr Chant has advised that organisations must still ensure their activity is delivered in compliance with the Public Health Order and the COVID-19 Safety Plan requirements.

This includes the requirement to adhere to the 500-person limit for community sports activities (including participants, officials, and spectators) and adhering to the one person per four square metre rule.

We remind all our Affiliates, Regions, officials, and spectators we must continue to ensure that physical distancing of at least 1.5 meters is maintained between people that do not come from the
same household. The Government’s advice to Community sports organisations and participants is to still continue to avoid shared travel arrangements such as car-pooling, along with minimising social gatherings before and after the event.

The removal of the one parent rule may be challenging for some affiliates in keeping under the 500-person rule. As such Affiliates may need to keep this in place to not impact the delivery of the
sport at local level. Should an affiliate need to do so, this will be supported by the NSWTA.

Further, they have advised that State Sporting Organisations, need to read the information and determine how 2 the recommendations and advice impact their activities. NSW Health has also advised that some community sport organisations may choose to still limit spectator numbers at matches, subject to the protocols within their COVID-19 Safety Plans, and based on factors such as the size of their venue, match schedule, or hiring requirements placed on them by venue operators.

From our perspective we will review the implications on the Vawdon Cup draw and will advise any decisions around a change to our advertised position- re- parents attending Youth League games, ensuring we are complying with the Public Health Orders around gathering numbers. Please note that it remains essential for all of us to remain fully compliant with the current Public
Health Order and to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place, and remain fully compliant with this plan.

We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the State, NSW Health, the Office of Sport and Sport NSW.

We will communicate any future recommendations, changes to COVID-19 Safety Plans or Public Health Orders that impact on our sport.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Dean Russell
General Manager

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