Coaching Courses in Sydney 2017

Coaches play a vital role in Touch Football, fostering the development of our athletes both on and off the field.

Becoming an accredited coach is an important step in ensuring that you are providing a quality service to the participants you are working with.

NSW Touch has both Foundation/Talent courses set to be ran this year at Tempe and the bonus — you can sit both courses in a weekend 🙂

Foundation – $130

Talent – $160

13/05/2017 Foundation
14/05/2017 Talent

17/06/2017 Foundation
18/06/2017 Talent

12/08/2017 Foundation
13/08/2017 Talent

7/10/2017 Foundation
8/10/2017 Talent

11/11/2017 Foundation
12/11/2017 Talent

Go online and register now

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