Draw Update: 2019 Junior Regionals Day 2

NSW Touch Football wishes to advise all 2019 Junior Regionals participants of the following amendments to the scheduled draw.

All matches scheduled for Sunday July 14 (Day 2) will be played as per the following conditions:

  • The first timeslot scheduled for 9:00am will proceed;
  • From 9:00am to 11:00am, all round matches will continue to be 17 minutes touchdown turnaround (3 minute transition between each timeslot) in line with Day 1 round matches;
  • From 11:00am onwards, all finals series matches (semi-finals, play-off matches and grand finals) will be 25 minutes touchdown turnaround;
  • If any finals series match is drawn at full-time; including playoff games, the NSWTA drop off procedure will be utilised to determine the winner of the match;
  • The final timeslot will begin at 2:30pm and finish at 3:00pm

N.B. Presentations for each division will be held 15 minutes following their respective grand final.

In making this decision as well as any further decision(s) to adjusting the remaining tournament schedule, the NSWTA utilised the following two (2) clauses:

The operations of the 2019 Junior Regionals event as per Clause 6.4 – Control of the Event on Page 12 of the 2019 Junior Regionals Conditions of Entry

The Event Coordinator in conjunction with the Sport Manager and General Manager and the NSWTA Board will be in charge of all matters relating to the Tournament. Any matters not covered in the General Conditions or Tournament Conditions will be determined by the above Officials and their decision will be final.

In accordance with Clause 11.27 – Weather Affected Matched & Rescheduling of Matches on Page 33 of the 2019-20 NSWTA General Conditions of Entry:

Rescheduling of Rounds or Matches affected by weather will be moved to the next available timeslots, fields or rounds (where practical). NSWTA reserves the right to organise the affected games in whatever format which will assist the games to occur in as equal conditions as possible.

If due to any other extraordinary circumstances that a game cannot be completed to full time, the game may be rescheduled as soon as possible at a time and on a ground arranged by Tournament Management in consultation with both Teams. If the game has commenced, and cannot continue to 50% completion, the following will apply:

1) The game will start from the beginning and must be completed up to the regulation full time.

2) The score will commence at 0-0.

Note: NSWTA reserves the right to judge and adjust to suit the conditions as required. For events that play in a non-break touchdown turnaround format, half time will be deemed as 50% of the time left in the match.

The full amended draw can be viewed via the NSW Touch mobile app or via:

Should there be any questions, please contact:

Keith Lee

NSWTA Event Coordinator

E: keith.lee@nswtouch.com.au

P: 0407 893 615


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