Elite 8 Draft Complete

In a night of high drama and surprise draft picks made saw Coaches and Selectors from all entities in each others cross hairs with their best set plans in disarray. With scenes similar to Kevin Costner’s Draft Day provided those present with entertainment plus with high drama and intense deliberation taking place left, right and centre!

The draft is always a challenge for Coaches and Selectors needing to have a multitude of options incase of surprise selections and last night did not disappoint!

The Coaches and Selectors from each of the NSWTA Scorpions, NSWTA Mets and NSWTA Rebels on hand to pick their final 8 players in their teams.

The selection picks were as follows;

Men’s Rd 1
Rebels- James Blackwood (Number 1 pick)
Mets- Daniel Stone
Scorpions- Jordan Sarmento

Women’s Rd 1
Rebels- Tayla Clifford (Number 1 pick)
Scorpions- Logan Flanagan
Mets- Abbey Papenhuyzen

Rd 2 Men’s
Rebels- Matt Winchester
Mets- Nathan Wong
Scorpions- Jake Pickering

Women’s Rd 2
Rebels- Maddison Regan
Scorpions- Stephanie Maiolo
Mets- Tayla Duguid

Men’s Rd 3
Rebels- Trent Touma
Mets- Michael Winchester
Scorpions- Tjadyn Ashby

Women’s Rd 3
Rebels- Justine Johnston
Scorpions- Courtney Young
Mets- Elizabeth Hewitt

Men’s Rd 4
Rebels- Shannon Borg
Mets- Michael Petrie
Scorpions- Jed Ibbotson

Women’s Rd 4
Rebels- Brittany Clifford
Scorpions- Amanda Swarko
Mets- Leah Opie

Men’s Rd 5
Rebels- Robert Nakhla
Mets- Jacob Goss
Scorpions- Alyd Owen

Women’s Rd 5
Rebels- Annabelle Wright
Scorpions- Stephanie Cummings
Mets- Rebecca Gair

Men’s Rd 6
Rebels- Zac Bouzounis
Mets- James Shute
Scorpions- Mark Roberts

Women’s Rd 6
Rebels- Bobbi Law
Scorpions- Naomi Richardson
Mets- Haylee Henderson

Men’s Rd 7
Rebels- Matt Wagstaff
Mets- Ryan Goss
Scorpions- Matt Clune

Women’s Rd 7
Rebels- Rebecca Hannon
Scorpions- Alex Chung
Mets- Claire Moran

Men’s Round 8
Rebels- Kyle Joyce
Mets- Sean McKenna
Scorpions- Dom Tripp

Women’s Rd 8
Rebels- Georgia Clifton
Scorpions- Emma Williams
Mets- Katie McCaffery

2016 NSW Elite 8 Teams 9.12.15

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