GM Message- Goodbye Riley Sohier

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I advise you all that Riley Sohier is leaving the NSWTA after 17 years of dedicated service.

Riley has been a stalwart of this organisation and his dedication not just to the organisation and his roles, but more importantly to the affiliates and membership he has worked with is unparalleled anywhere in the Touch Footballing employee network across Australia. His professionalism, willing to assist, his willingness to knuckle down and the get the job done, his availability to all and his infectious personality will be extremely hard to replace.

While we are sorry to see Riley leave it is hard to begrudge a man who has given so much personally to the NSWTA and effectively has been on the road for his entire career with the organisation. He has visited all and every portion of the state developing the game, helping our volunteers, liaising with LGA’s, running events and doing anything and everything asked of himself with 150% effort.

Riley is taking on a leadership role with at Alcohol & Drug Foundation and they are extremely lucky to be gaining such a professional employee and one who will aid in delivering their important message. He will finish with the NSWTA on Friday, August 11th of August.

While personally I am deeply saddened to see Riley leave, I am preferring to look at it from the perspective that it has been my privilege to not only work with Riley Sohier but also to be able to call him a friend. He is a great man who hopefully will not be lost to the sport entirely. He has given his all and more to us, to the Board, to the staff and importantly to the membership. His contributions throughout his time with the NSWTA have always far outweighed that of what he was required to do.

Thankyou my friend.

Dean Russell-General Manager

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