Please note that the staff and ground manager have just completed a review of all fields.

In our endeavors to play all 712 round games as per the schedule, we have used a number of fields to exhaustion and beyond. The event commenced with 28 fields, currently, we have lost 5 fields and by the close of today’s games another 7 fields will no longer be playable with a further 5 questionable.

The combined cause and effect of looking to complete the round schedule and the state of the fields across the venue is that we need to make significant changes to the Finals day structure. The reality is we now have limited fields to complete the event. Loading games up on available fields under the current schedule would see the day to extend the to beyond 8.30 pm with no guarantee that those fields would also handle the extra workload.

Therefore the decision has been made that NO Round of 16 games will be played. The new structure, fields and time slots for Sundays play is currently being developed and will be advised shortly. Games will commence at 8 am to give us flexibility should we need to withdraw further fields.

We would like to thank all the parents and spectators for your understanding across the whole event and working with us to deliver the event the best we can in the conditions. This is not a decision we like making but it is necessary to successfully complete the event.

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