JSC Structure for 2022 and 2023

Recently the NSWTA engaged with stakeholders concerning the future structure of the Junior State Cup. The focus of this engagement was to provide a feedback opportunity to our membership on the event’s future structure, taking into consideration a possible COVID environment.

The Board of the NSWTA has reviewed the results of the engagement piece and recommendations of the NSWTA staff. They have determined an outcome keeping in mind the needs of the sport across the whole of the state.

The engagement in the process from parents and affiliates is greatly appreciated. The feedback provided valuable insight into our communities’ passionate views on this prestigious event.

The Board is also cognisant of the challenges & disappointment experienced by some JSC event participants and their families over the past few years due to weather-related factors.

Whilst the focus of this engagement piece was on the structure of the event rather than specifically venue locations, we are mindful many participants hold strong views on certain aspects of the event structure.

Whilst it is recognised that not all stakeholders will agree with the final decision, we can assure you that the decision was with the best interests of the sport in mind.

Paramount for the organisation is that we strive to provide access to a quality event for all our members across NSW while ensuring the need to provide accessible opportunities and pathways for the game to all affiliates in our state.

The Board has determined that the status quo will remain for the next two years, being 2022 and 2023. That is a Northern Conference, a Southern Conference, and a State Final. From the feedback received, this was the most strongly supported option for consideration.

The decision also falls in line with the NSWTA’s long-term vision and strategy to continue to grow the participation and pathways of the game in NSW to benefit the future of the sport, both at the representative and importantly grassroots level. Providing a pathway from grassroots to elite enables us to engage with all affiliates in NSW. Juniors are an essential cog in this plan, to have them fully immersed in our sport so that they transition into adult touch members.

The decision for the next two years is a short-term tactical approach to support our long-term strategy of continual growth in the game. It will continue the growth already demonstrated under this model in its first three years, whereby participation and pathway opportunities for everyone across the state have ballooned with a 37% increase in individual participation and a similar percentage in affiliates now attending the Junior State Cup.

The NSWTA will now quickly move to the tender process to select venues for the 2022 and 2023 Junior State Cups. Our goal is to complete this process and announce venues by the end of July.

Complete results of the engagement can be found HERE

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