Life Membership for Tony Doyle

At the 43rd Annual General Meeting of the NSW Touch Association a nomination for Life Membership of the organisation in accordance with the constitution was put to the members for Tony Doyle.

Current Life Members Fran Hanson and Michael Clark put forward Tony as a Life Member citing the following contribution.

Graded Referee in 1989

  • Finance Director of the NSWTA from 2001- present (being 15 years and a record for the NSWTA in this position)
  • Sydney Mets Finance Director- 1999- present (17 years)
  • Life Member of the Sydney Mets
  • Life Member of Penrith Touch Association

Tony has been a loyal servant of the sport having made contributions to the Penrith Touch Association, Sydney Mets Touch and the New South Wales Touch Association for over 30years.

At Penrith Touch Association he has provided over 30 years’ service as a referee and in various committee capacities involving administration. During this time Penrith Touch Association emerged from obscurity to become one of the largest affiliates in NSW and a representative powerhouse. Tony has been one of the few constants for Penrith Touch Association over this period.

At Sydney Mets Touch he has been Director of Finance for 17 consecutive years over which time Sydney Mets Touch have consistently shown a healthy bank balance all the while under his stewardship supporting all technical arms of the sport and Sydney Mets Juniors without hesitation. Often Tony has taken on responsibilities of Administrator (ensuring at these times segregation of duties for Financial Matters is maintained). The success of Sydney Mets Touch on and off the field is in no small way due to Tony’s proactive approach to all things touch related.

As a member of the NSW Touch Association Board for the past 15 years Tony has ensured that the State body has maintained a strong financial outlook during economic times that have been challenging to say the least. Expenditure on technical arms has continued at a sensible level and Tony has been very active in ensuring financial accountability within the regions is stronger than ever while supporting them whenever they have needed support.

Despite his position as a member of NSW Touch most senior elected Board Tony could be seen in recent years carrying the water bottles for teams including Penrith’s Premier League and Mets 30s.

In conclusion for a man who has exemplified the word “service” to all levels of Touch Football both Michael and I nominate Tony Doyle for elevation to Life Member of NSW Touch.

 On receipt of this nomination and prior to the AGM the NSWTA Board reviewed, independently of Tony Doyle, his service to the game.

They noted that Tony Doyle has been a major contributor on the Board of the NSWTA for 15 years and Executive of the Sydney Mets Region for 17 years as well as have contributed at a grass roots Association continuously for over 30 years. His service at Sydney Mets and Penrith TA has been rewarded by with a Life Membership of both organisations.

At NSWTA level Tony Doyle has contributed in two spheres of influence. Firstly as Finance Director of the Association for over 15 years and has been paramount in the financial position that the organisation currently finds itself in. He has provided leadership to this organisation in this area which has been beneficial not only to the Board but also the NSWTA in an outstanding manner. Secondly he has maintained the portfolio of Finance Director of the Sydney Mets Region for 17 years. His stewardship of the finances of the region have been equally critical to their success. Further he has on many occasions needed to maintain the administration of the region and is no doubt the backbone of the region.  .

The Board looked at the breadth and depth of service to the NSWTA across all gambits of the game, as a Finance Director, as an administrator, as a graded referee, as a manager and as a leader. They find a gentleman who has given to this organisation over 30 continuous years of dedicated service. The Board recommends to the members this nomination from two Life Members. The Board endorse the nomination and seek the member’s approval to rightfully place Tony Doyle as a Life Member of the Association.

When the members voted they returned a unanimous vote in favour of Tony becoming the 27th Life member of the New South Wales Touch Association.

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