Merit Teams Selected

At the 2016 Junior Regionals the NSW Touch Football Selectors have identified the merit teams for each of the divisions. Each team comprises of 5 Middles, 5 Links, 3 Wingers and a Utility player. These positions are selected on the basis of where players played for their team across the event.


NSW Touch Football would like to congratulate the following players selected;


14 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Kiiahla Duff Hornets, Ebony Prior Mets, Andi Law Hornets, Madeline Morton Suns, Maddi Mitchell Hornets

Links: Georgia Carroll Suns, Allie Wood Eagles, Lucy Dillon Hornets, Breanna Nathan Hornets, Haylee Hifa Scorpions

Wingers: Holly McNamara Scorpions, Arizona Cross Hornets, Eleanor Fairhurst Scorpions

Utility: Leila Miles Suns


Selectors: Fran Hanson & Brooke Martin


14 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Michael Tannous Mets, Dion Teaupa Mets, Jerome William Rebels, Sandon Smith Hornets, Jayden McLachlan Suns,

Links: Liam Tonpi Mets, John Roberts Eagles, Hilton Ovenden Scorpions, Witika Rees-Hatu Scorpions, Bowen Foreshaw Hornets

Wingers: Dylan Cowin Mets, Harrison Read Scorpions, Kaya Ardita Hornets

Utility: Connor McCann Scorpions


Selectors: Kevin Kara & Graham Blackhall


16 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Faith Nathan Hornets, Pihuka Duff Hornets, Tatum Bird Scorpions, Lucy McDonald Scorpions, Madison Higgins-Ashby Scorpions

Links: Sariah Paki Hornets, Abby Corbett Suns, Rhiannon Podmore Suns, Shannyn Bissett Scorpions, Maya Stewart Hornets

Wingers: Capri Vidler Scorpions, Casey Youngberry Hornets, Erin Cullen Hornets

Utility: Majayda Darcy Hornets


Selectors: Michael Chipindale & Margaret Thorton


16 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Conor Hickey Scorpions, Tyronne Ferreira Rebels, Floyd Tighe Hornets, Johnny Saley Hornets, Joshua Dwyer Eagles

Links: Connor Edwards Hornets, Timothy Boney-Stewart Hornets, Ryan Duffy Hornets, Bailey Hayward Mets, Travis Wooden Suns

Wingers: Jessie Jenkins Hornets, Mason Jones Hornets, Leon Frangi Scorpions

Utility: Tyrell Scott Eagles


Selectors: Don Green & Greg Harris


NSW Touch Football does not select merit teams from the 18’s divisions. Players are instead identified as potential squad members for the NSWTA Development Teams which participate at the National Youth Championships in September. The final squads of these are completed post State School Team selections (CCC, CHS & CIS) and will be announced in July.

Finals Results & Players of the Final Selected

All results for the event can be found here


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