Good afternoon all and we hope you, your children and/or team members like us are looking forward to an enjoyable weekend at the 2017 NSWTA Junior State Cup.

It is about the creation of an enjoyable weekend and how you can play a part that I wish to address with you all.

The NSWTA is committed to providing a child safe environment and importantly this goes beyond just the Working With Children Check. A child safe environment is also about ensuring our young players and referees are free from any form of abuse, including verbally and actions of intimidation. The 2016 Junior State Cup was unfortunately marred by some incidents of unacceptable parental/spectator and/or team management behavior. While we have put measures in place to look to limit if not remove this, we would seek your assistance in curbing this situation.

Yes, this is a State Championship but more importantly it is an event for kids to participate in and primarily should be about their enjoyment and fun over results. It should be simply about allowing the children to play without pressures and having a good time with their team mates so that they become lifelong ‘Touchies’.

We have undertaken some changes this year in an attempt to get the message across that respectful behaviour is what is expected at the event. Some of which you would have already seen and some that you will see on the weekend;

-The NSWTA Representative Player Parent Guardian Code of Conduct. All parents would have read, signed and returned to you this document to your affiliate acknowledging that you are aware that you are accountable for your behaviours and that the NSWTA have the authority to deal with any unacceptable behaviours.

-A strong focus in our communication via social media platforms around expected behaviours of parents/spectators and team management including the video of previous junior Touch player and now international female sporting star, Ellyse Perry- “Let kids be kids”!

-Venue signage will be placed up reminding all of our message

1.These are kids

2.This is a “game”

3.The coaches are volunteers

4.The referees are human

5.This is a junior development event

Our goal is for every participant, be they a player, a referee, team management or parent/spectator to have an enjoyable and fun weekend, regardless of results. You can assist us in achieving this goal very easily. By adhering to the codes of conducts, polices and accepted respectable behaviours it will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience this weekend and importantly the kids will have fun.

On behalf of the NSW Touch Association we wish you well for the weekend and thank you for your ongoing support of this great game.


Kind Regards

Dean Russell

General Manager

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