New & Improved 2017/18 Infrastructure Grant Program

Liquor and Gaming NSW have announced that local communities across the state will have more chances to apply for funding for local infrastructure projects as part of the reforms to Infrastructure Grants.

Improvements to the annual funding program for arts and culture, emergency preparedness and sport and recreation infrastructure will make it easier to apply, encourage more diverse projects, streamline application processes, cut red tape and allow for faster assessment. Improvements include:

  • A faster application process – previously organisations had to submit an Expression of Interest followed by a full application. Now only one application needs to be submitted.
  • New funding ranges for projects – this means more applications can be supported.
  • Flexible funding times – instead of one round each year, organisations now have four opportunities and can select a round that best suits the development of their project.

Grants are available to communities across New South Wales to support the building, renovation and fit-out of infrastructure.
Infrastructure grants are made possible through the Club grants Category 3 Fund which reinvests 0.4 per cent of clubs’ gaming profits over $1 million back into community projects.
The first Infrastructure Grants round for arts and culture, emergency preparedness, and sport and recreation open on Tuesday, 1 August and additional rounds take place in November 2017, February and May 2018.


For more information on how to apply, visit the website



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