NSW Blues Show Intensity on Day 1

After Day 1 of the 2018 State of Origin, NSW hold an early lead heading into Games 2 and 3 early tomorrow morning. The talent from both states was evident early on day one with the Blues off to a flying start with eight victories on day one. Tomorrows games will be filled with tension, rivalry and a passion to win. Game 2 gets underway at 9am.

We spoke to our Coaches after Game One today and asked them how their team performed and what do they do now as a team to prepare themselves for games Two and Three.

MEN’S 55 – NSW 6 defeated QLD 5 (3 on 3 drop off)

When we spoke to Coach, Bruce Agar, after the game his grin was from ear to ear. “The intensity was very high today for a bunch of old blokes.  The intensity….was impossible to believe.  Queensland came out fighting and they are a team that always thrives on that, but with that 3 on 3 in the end it was a matter of a little bit of smarts on the line with Cliff Lyons and Brett Gillard, and we were able to snap their defence and a simple little try at the end.  We need to now look after our bodies, rehab, fluids, stretching a video session and we will be right for tomorrow”

MEN’S 50 – NSW 7 defeated QLD 5

“It was a pretty nervous start from us where we turned over the ball in a few key situations and let them into the game a little more than I would have liked but we got the win and I’m stoked,” said Men’s 50s coach Paul Krahe. Queensland surprised the New South Wales Men’s 50 side in patches throughout the game, “Look, they did surprise us a bit but I think we played to our game plan and were very structured. Queensland know we mean business,”.

MEN’S 45 – NSW 8 defeated QLD 5

Peter Vincent knows a win first up is always good “It gets rid of the cobwebs, a win’s good but there is a lot of improvement needed in defence but the attack was good and we created opportunities. Queensland played the type of game we expected, our structure fell away a little bit in defence and we need to tighten that up.  However, a good rest, with lots of fluid and a video session tonight, we will be fine tomorrow”

MEN’S 40 – NSW 12 defeated QLD 5

“It was good, … and it was tough,” said Men’s 40 coach Jay Miller. “Queensland really came out and pushed us a bit in the first 5 to 10 minutes. It was a really great contest but we stuck to our structure and drive down the field which opened up a few more opportunities for us on the line.” The NSW Men’s 40 team produced the highest score of the day. “I think we definitely came out and played strong and we still have a few things up our sleeve.”

WOMEN’S 40 – NSW 1 defeated by QLD 3

Women’s 40 Coach Scott Oliver was disappointed following the Game 1 loss to Queensland. He was happy with his teams performance in the first half but said the girls just couldn’t hold on in the second,”The first half was good from us, the girls stuck to their structures and plans but our poor composure in the later part of the game is what really cost us,” said Scott. “We broke their line about 5 or 6 times but couldn’t capitalise. We have the structure but we just need to be more disciplined in Games 2 and 3.”

WOMEN’S 35 – NSW 3 defeated by QLD 4

Women’s 35 Coach Glen Flanagan was incredibly disappointed with his teams performance in Game 1. “That did not go the way we wanted at all. We were very flat and stayed in the arm wrestle but at the end of the day the Queenslander’s beat us in the ruck. I’m sure we’ll bounce back tomorrow.”

MEN’S 35 – NSW 6 defeated by QLD 7

Speaking to Assistant Coach Pat Batiste after the game he described their first hit out as good but a little work was needed for Game 2 “We’ll head back as a team and re-watch the game and come back bigger and stronger tomorrow.  We knew Queensland were going to be physical and they definitely showed that but tomorrow is a new day and we’ll re group and come back better and stronger”

WOMENS 30s – NSW 8 defeated QLD 5

“What a great first game” Coach John Dalton was ecstatic with the performance of the Women’s 30s.  “That was a typical Queensland performance, they came out tough and hard. They ran us around a lot but at the back of the game our girls just had more. As a team we will now re watch that game, analyse it and make a few little changes”

MEN’S 30 – NSW 9 defeated QLD 8

Men’s 30 coach Jason Martin was ecstatic with a game one victory. “It was everything I thought the first game would be. It was an incredible battle, physical, tough and they kept coming at us but full credit to the boys they held out well and we got the victory in the end. We will come back bigger and better tomorrow and I have no doubt they will too so I look forward to a very evenly contested Game 2 and 3.”

WOMEN’S 20 – NSW 7 defeated QLD 3

“Yeah that was good, the girls were a bit nervous to start off with but the second half was much better.” Coach Danny Goodwin had a lot of faith in his girls “We knew it would be pretty hard coming here on their turf but the girls have trained hard and have bonded so well which I believe has helped”

MEN’S 20 – NSW 2 defeated by QLD 4

“Massive effort from the boys to really understand what State of Origin is all about. It’s about believing and never saying no for your mate.Their skills shone through in the first half and in the second half we got the balance between  passion and common sense right. Unfortunately, the basics got away from us in the end and we couldn’t come away with the win.  We need to rally around the boys and the good things we did, knowing that we can win the game tomorrow” Said Coach Dave Nolan

MIXED OPEN – NSW 8 defeated by QLD 9

“Queensland have a lot of young talent running around out there and we probably deviated from our game plan a little but that is fine, these can be fixed easily” said Mixed Open Coach Manu Wakely. “All honours to Queensland, they played very well today and got us. I look forward to getting the second opportunity tomorrow”

WOMEN’S OPEN – NSW 7 defeated by QLD 9

Team NSW Women’s Open Coach Michael Moussa was extremely disappointed with his teams Game 1 performance. “Unfortunately we didn’t play our best today.  We have been training really well however we didn’t replicate that on the field. Queensland scored 9 touchdowns on us which is obviously not ideal but we gave them a hell of a lot of ball on the line so that made it hard for us.” Whilst Moussa was disappointed, tomorrow is a new day and NSW just need to make it count.

MEN’S OPEN – NSW 8 defeated QLD 7

Coach Paul Sfeir was very happy with his Men”s Open performance in Game 1 . “We started really well but unfortunately in the last 10 minutes of that game we lost our way a little bit and there is no way Queensland were ever gonna give up. Tomorrow is a new day and Queensland will come harder, they’ll be tougher and hungry but we have to go out there and stick to what we know”

Live streaming starts at 9.00am.  Head to the NSW Touch Facebook Page for the link.

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