Events: General Conditions of Entry Review

New South Wales Touch Football is currently reviewing the General Conditions of Entry for their representative events for the upcoming 2019-2020 representative season.

Please follow link to Memorandum in relation to the NSW Touch Football Events: General Conditions of Entry Review;

NSW Touch Football conducts a number of events throughout the year. These are the Junior State Cup Northern Conference, Junior State Cup Southern Conference, Junior State Cup-State Final, Junior Regionals, Vawdon Cup, Country Championships and State Cup. This document will be the basis of the Event Regulations for regional, affiliate and like events that require endorsement from the organisation. These events are the prime vehicle in the Talent Identification and Selection processes for NSW Representative Teams at all levels.

The General Conditions of Entry are the base regulations for NSW Touch Football Events and are to be read in conjunction with the relevant Event’s Conditions of Entry. Information in relation to the relevant events and their schedule can be found at

Throughout each event period NSW Touch Football receives commentary and feedback and in some cases request for exemptions of these regulations. That being said we now provide the opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback in a formal process that may improve the delivery and experience of all at NSW Touch Football Events

Review Process

The first stage of this process (Stakeholder Feedback) is providing the opportunity for all Affiliates, regions and stakeholders to review the existing Conditions of Entry and provide comment, adjustment and or solutions in all elements of the document.

The current 2018-2019 General Conditions of Entry can be found here

The opportunity to provide feedback will conclude by close of business on Friday 29th March.

The feedback in this phase of the process will need to be collated by the relevant entities (Affiliate/Region) Representative Coordinator and submitted to via the above timeline.

Should you have any questions please here please contact Sport Manager Daniel Rushworth via or +612 9558 9333.

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