NSWTA Elite Eight Entities Consideration: 2018 and Beyond

As you would be aware, the New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) have made some changes to the format of the NSWTA entries into the Elite 8. Primarily around the method of selection and the decision to move to three (3 ) teams at the annual event conducted by Touch Football Australia (TFA).

The new selection process, being affiliate and region aligned for the city based teams, commenced at this year’s event (2017). The move to reduce from four (4) to three (3) teams was scheduled to occur from the 2018 event.

Before this transition, an Elite 8 summit had been planned by TFA to review the current format and set up. This was to include a number of stakeholders to see if a revamping of the current Elite 8 format and systems was needed. The departure of TFA’s previous CEO in April this year, unfortunately, put plans for this summit and review on hold until a new CEO was appointed and in place.

Due to this factor, TFA approached the NSWTA to put on hold a move to the three (3) team model from this state. In essence, TFA’s position was that NSWTA maintains four (4) permits in 2018, to avoid the need for significant change/redrawing of territories/pathways for potentially a one year solution.

TFA discussed this with the NSWTA and are aware of the difficulties and feedback from NSW based players which lead to the decision to go to three (3) teams. In recognising this TFA have suggested that the four (4) current teams be maintained in 2018. However, TFA would work with NSWTA to supplement the depth via International players or Australian based players who are not selected in other Elite 8 teams to supplement the forth team roster. It is felt this approach will provide significant support for elite based participants and aid in ensuring a positive expereince in a suitably competitive team. This option has the support of the TFA Board.

The NSWTA Board considered this and agreed that to move in a change/transition environment for one year, then possibly having to further change dependent on what the future Elite 8 may look like following the appointment of a new TFA CEO and while the view currently is on hold, would not be of benefit to anyone. As such the NSWTA Board have agreed to TFA’s offer for the 2018 event, as outlined above.

Logistics of operations around selection are still to be finalised between TFA and NSWTA. However, for 2018 the decision is that NSWTA Elite 8 teams will remain as the status quo of existing entities and format.

Memo: 2018 Elite 8 Team Advice

For more information on this please contact General Manager Dean Russell via dean.russell@nswtouch.com.au

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