NSWTA Events: General Conditions of Entry Changes

New South Wales Touch Association wishes to advise the following two important changes to the already released 2016 NSWTA General Conditions of Entry. These Conditions are in relation to the representative pathway. Please review below in relation to these changes;

Change 1-International Imported Players
Added into Section: 3.3.11 (Page 21)

Rationale-The NSWTA recognises with the current development of Touch Football internationally that the level of player development from those deemed to be developing nations is not equivalent to that in Australia and New Zealand. Nor are they equivalent to an Australian based duel eligibility representative player whose has been developed under the Australian or New Zealand systems.

Therefore any international representative player from a country deemed to be a Developing Nation by the NSWTA under these conditions, may be given exemption from points value where the following conditions are met:

International Development Player Request Process;
• The request/representation to participate is made by the international country’s federation/association directly with the NSWTA.
• The player pathway has only been via their home nation up until this request-e.g wasn’t playing in Australia/New Zealand first then went O/S.
• A holder of their home nation’s passport.
• Recognition and acceptance that the NSWTA will place the player in a team with a view to the players residential location, the players development and the competition overall. This may not be at the Association the player has as a first choice destination.

Change 2-Player Grievances
Added into Section: 3.3.12 (Page 21)

Rationale-We have recently been inundated with an unprecedented amount grievance exemption requests for players to move from their current club and be allowed to participate for another without any points penalty.

In the last 12 years we have had only three (3) cases of persons seeking exemption due to a grievance. In 2016 and leading into Vawdon Cup we have received double this number. With that in mind, and being concerned for the legitimate issues that surround a grievance claim, a view to protecting the integrity of NSWTA competitions and looking at building some protection for pathways of clubs that accept a new player under a grievance exemption we have reviewed how such matters are to be handled.

While there is no suggestion that current requests that have been lodged do not have legitimate grounds or are looking to circumnavigate the points system, we do need to be mindful that without careful New South Wales Touch Association consideration of the process, as this is something that participants and officials in the future may try to exploit. Therefore prior to looking at or considering the current grievance exemption requests we will be applying the following methodology to the current requests and future requests should a grievance claim be found to be legitimate.

Player Grievance Process
Where a grievance claim seeking an exemption is lodged, the NSWTA will investigate that grievance claim and/or determine its legitimacy. If proven, the following will apply;
1. Should a player be able to demonstrate three (3) consecutive years of playing history domestically at an affiliate they will be allowed to move to that affiliate;
2. Where this is not demonstrated the player will be able to move to the next closet affiliate, by road and as determined by the NSWTA, to their place of residence;
3. Should this affiliate not have an equivalent team consummate to the players ability or standing, the NSWTA will determine the next closest affiliate to facilitate this;
4. Should the player not wish to move to this affiliate the player will be placed in the player pool/draft and be valued at zero points for the purpose of the player pool/draft rules.

NB. Once a player has received an exemption due to a legitimate grievance and has moved to a new affiliate, to provide a level of surety for the new club in accepting that player, they must remain with the new affiliate for a minimum of two years.

All of these changes can now be found via;

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