NTH CONFERENCE Stadium Games Live

All Stadium Games for the 2020 NSW JSC Northern Conference will be live-streamed thanks once again to BAR TV.

From 8.00am tomorrow morning you can watch live, comment with support and share the live streaming with family and friends.

The fixture will be as follows: –

8:00 AM 16B Maitland Redbacks vs Carlingford Cyclones
8:25 AM 12BManly Sea Eagles 1 vs Wallsend Wolves 1
8:50 AM 16GManly Sea Eagles 1 vs Ballina Bull Sharks
9:15 AM
9:40 AM 18GManly Sea Eagles vs Central Coast Dolphins
10:05 AM 18B Central Coast Dolphins vs Port Makos
10:30 AM 16GManly Sea Eagles v Wallsend
10:55 AM 16B Manly Sea Eagles v Doyalson
11:20 AM 08BManly Sea Eagles v Newcastle
11:45 AM 10GManly Sea Eagles v Newcastle
12:10 PM 16GManly Sea Eagles v Northern Beaches
12:35 PM 16B Doyalson v Newcastle
1:00 PM 18G Manly Sea Eagles v Nelson Bay Neptunes
1:25 PM 18BManly Sea Eagles v Beresfield



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