OPPPS they did it again !

The Sydney Scorpions have once again continued their dominance of the Junior Regionals claiming their 11th  Regional Championship title.

54 teams from the six New South Wales Regions – Sydney Mets, Sydney Scorpions, Sydney Rebels, Southern Suns, Hunter Western Hornets, Northern Eagles, and ACT Raiders – arrived in Orange to a very different welcome we all experience in 2019 where temperatures reached a low of 5 degrees.  The weather was perfect to fight it out for the title of Regional Champions.

The Scorpions claimed four of the eight divisions on offer. Whilst the Scorpions were dominant they were pushed to the limits yet again by the Hunter Western Hornets, who also participated in five finals.

It would be remiss of us to not throw a shout-out to the Sydney Rebels who took home the Girls 12s title.  It’s their first win in an age category since the dominance of the Sydney Rebels Boys 18s in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Final Results

12 Girls: Sydney Rebels 2 def Sydney Scorpions 1

Player of the Final: Tahlia Weigand – Sydney Rebels

12 Boys: Sydney Scorpions 5 def Southern Suns 4

Player of the Final:  Harry Smythe – Sydney Scorpions


14 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 5 def Sydney Mets 1 *

Player of the Final: Waiaria Ellis – Sydney Scorpions

14 Boys: Hunter Western Hornets 5 def Sydney Mets 3 *

Player of the Final: Ryan Takapua – Hunter Western Hornets


16 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 3 def Hunter Western Hornets 2

Player of the Final: Mackenzie Davis – Sydney Scorpions

16 Boys: Sydney Mets 6 def Hunter Western Hornets 5

Player of the Final: John-Paul Catalano – Sydney Mets


18 Girls: Hunter Western Hornets 4 def Sydney Scorpions 3

Player of the Final: Kyah Watters – Hunter Western Hornets

18 Boys: Sydney Scorpions 7 def Hunter Western Hornets 6

Player of the Final: Finn Watkins – Sydney Scorpions


Regional Championships

1st Sydney Scorpions 94pts

2nd Hunter Western Hornets 81pts

3rd Sydney Mets 70pts

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