Request for Proposal: Official Partner-NSW Touch Football

The New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) is currently seeking proposals from businesses interested in acquiring the right to be Official Event Merchandise, Team-wear and Footwear Partners of the NSWTA.

This involves the rights to the following:

An exclusive license for the period commencing 1 January, 2017 – 31 December 2018-further details are in each of the documents below

NSWTA 2017-18 Footwear RFP

NSWTA 2017-18 Teamwear RFP

NSWTA 2017-18 Event Merchandiser RFP

Please Note: Any NSWTA licensed apparel carries the approved NSWTA logo.

Proposals will be judged according to their full and concise response to this document. The NSWTA will not be obliged to accept the highest financial offer and those submitting a proposal should be aware that no terms that seek to restrict, in any way, the discretion of the NSWTA in the process will be accepted.

Once submitted no proposal may be withdrawn while it remains open for acceptance by the NSWTA. No offer shall be contractually binding until it is incorporated into a formal contract signed by the NSWTA.

The NSWTA makes no representation or warranty that this document provides all of the information required by your company and encourages those wishing to submit a proposal to make their own queries and assessments.

Any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals or otherwise in connection with this document will be borne by the proposer. Those submitting a proposal are required to treat this document with due confidentiality and all bids and information outlined in each proposal will remain confidential


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