Senior Division Rationalisation Confirmed

At the recent NSWTA Annual General Meeting an analysis paper was presented to all Affiliates in attendance around the rationalisation of the senior divisions at NSWTA Events (Vawdon Cup, Country Championships & State Cup).

The paper had been framed due to the declining participation rates and the quality of competition NSWTA could offer the membership in the senior divisions. As such this raised significant concerns for the organisation and it became apparent to deliver a quality event for all participants change was required. Importantly the trends of participation within the open categories were doing the exact opposite with year on year growth.

After this was presented at the NSWTA AGM the NSWTA Board requested that further feedback be sought from Affiliates in relation to the rationalisation of the senior representative divisions. This feedback was then forwarded back to the Board on the 25th June prior to the Board Meeting. A total of 65 Affiliates provided feedback on their preference and circumstances for their choices.

Based on that feedback provided and contents the NSWTA Board carefully considered their position and can now advise that Option 2 will be implemented. This now means the divisions of the 35’s and 45’s have been removed from the divisional categories.

For more information please review the below documents.

This comes into effect immediately and will be advertised as part of the 2015 NSWTA Country Championships (Dubbo Oct 24-25) and the 2015 NSWTA State Cup (Port Macquarie Dec 4-6).

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