Shoosh for Kids at State Final

This weekend your sons, daughters and team members are competing for a State title. With that comes a level of expectation and certainly we expect games to be more competitive and intense than both Conferences. However while we want each and every participant to compete to the very best of their abilities in seeking the goal of taking home a State Championship, we ask you all to remember what the essences of sport is and how you in your role as either team management or importantly as a parent can set the right example not just for your team/sons or daughters, but for all participants at the JSC State Finals.
Did you know that 70% of kids quit sports before the age of 14- Why?
Because in most cases it is not that they dislike the sport they are participating in, rather they quit because of the judgement and pressure applied to them from team management and parents. For the kids, it becomes no longer fun. Remember it should be about them, not about you! Let them play, let them enjoys themselves, let them stay in our sport for the long haul.
When kids compete and know that they won’t be judged on outcomes of results, then the fear and the anxiety is enormously reduced. The benefit for all of you is that this actually will result in improved performances, even more importantly improved self- image and what it once again becomes what it should be about – a greater enjoyment in participating and competing.
So this weekend actively participate in “Shoosh for Kids”. Show respect for the kids and officials. Remember sport of kids should be fun.

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