South Sydney Marches On

You might have seen the familiar cardinal and myrtle running around at this year’s State Cup. Yes, the Rabbitohs are back.

The UNSW Touch Football Club recently formed a partnership with the South Sydney Rabbitohs. You will have seen the rebranding of their representative teams from the “UNSW Bullets” to the “UNSW South Sydney Rabbitohs.” unveiled for the first time at the 2019 State Cup.

At the core of the partnership is a desire to bring the sport of Touch Football and Rugby League to a new generation of participants.

The Rabbitohs and UNSW Touch Football have worked closely in establishing a new and exciting Junior Social Competition which aims to make Touch Football more accessible, affordable and enjoyable to all. The competition is run out of Rabbitoh’s heartland, Maroubra, and was officially launched in October 2019 and is enjoying a successful first season.

As a result of the Junior Social Competition, the Club has grown its representative juniors base and is aiming to send eight sides to the 2020 Junior State Cup as compared to one in 2019.

The partnership also represents a coming together of two iconic institutions in Sydney’s South Eastern Suburbs. With a large portion of existing members hailing from the South Sydney area, there is a distinct sense of pride in donning the most famous colours in Rugby League, the cardinal and myrtle.

The UNSW Touch Football Club President Brienna Andersons state “our whole club is excited to learn more about and implement the Rabbitoh way. This is a great partnership that we will look to build upon”.

It also nice that our first-ever affiliated club, South Sydney, have their colours running around at NSWTA events again.

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