State Rankings Released

In amongst the colourful mix of long sleeve compression and bizarrely numb feet synonymous with Winter Touch, the representative Season approaches. As affiliates begin to piece together their rosters and Coaches revisit theories on a winning formula, the NSWTA has released its Representative Rankings for 2015.

A system introduced in 2007, the State rankings categorise the performance of representative programs across the entire Representative Calendar. The system largely effects two things; The potential recruitment options available via the ‘points system’, and the seeding for major events, a concept that is increasingly impacting the route to a title.

The rankings also offer a chance to evaluate the Representative landscape, explore the year that was and ponder over things to come.


Mixed Open

The Eastern Suburbs Roosters maintain their number 1 ranking for the 5th consecutive Season. Manu Wakely’s dynasty boasts an unrivalled level of sustained success. The thorn in their side? The Murwillumbah Mavericks. The State Cup Specialists stole the Trophy for the third time in four years in 2014 to hold a very modest 3rd ranking. Throw in an evolving Western Suburbs outfit, who jumped 7 spots to hold the 2nd seed, behind Roy Prasad’s crafty leadership, and the plot seems to thicken.

Port Macquarie – 4th seed, and the Wallsend Wolves – 8th seed, both benefited from a well contested Country Championships whilst Daniel Rushworth’s UNSW Bullets slid to 5th. The Peninsula Piranhas – 6th seed, and the Campbelltown Ghosts – 7th seed, jumped into the top ten ranking on the back of impressive Vawdon Cup Campaigns, The Taree Flames remain a competitive 9th seed and a revamped Newcastle City – 10th seed, climbed 15 positions to round out the top ten.

2015 Rank     Mixed Open                                      2014 Rank            Movement

1                       Easts Roosters                                   1                              Equal

2                       Wests Magpies                                 8                              Up 7

3                       Murwillumbah Mavericks             3                              Equal

4                       Port Macquarie                                7                              Up 3

5                       UNSW Bullets                                  2                              Down 3

6                       Peninsula Piranhas                         12                           Up 6

7                       Campbelltown Ghosts                    11                           Up 4

8                       Wallsend Wolves                             –                              New

9                       Taree Flames                                    9                              Equal

10                     Newcastle City                                  25                           Up 15


Women’s Open

Louise Winchester’s Canterbury Bulldogs captured an improbable Vawdon Cup/State Cup Double in 2014 to march into the 2015 season with the number 1 ranking. Arguable Underdogs, a seasoned Canterbury side outplaced the 2nd seeded Western Suburbs Magpies – a cohesive unit with a plethora of internationals, and a heavily favoured Manly Seas Eagles side. The Sea Eagles, boasting a star studded roster of their own, fell agonizingly close to a maiden title and subsequently enter the year ranked 3rd.

The Easts Roosters maintained their 4th ranking after a trip to the State Cup Final while a previously favoured Wollongong side slipped to 7th. Berkeley Vale explode into rankings at 5th announcing their arrival, the Penrith Panthers maintained a 6th ranking after a relatively frustrating campaign and the Wallsend Wolves – 8th seed, Norths UTS Bears – 9th seed, and debutants Newcastle City – 10th seed, round out the top ten.

2015 Rank     Womens Open                                2014 Rank            Movement

1                       Canterbury Bulldogs                      5                              Up 4

2                       Wests Magpies                                2                              Equal

3                       Manly Sea Eagles                            1                              Down 2

4                       Easts Roosters                                 4                              Equal

5                       Berkeley Vale Panthers                 17                           Up 12

6                       Penrith Panthers                             6                              Equal

7                       Wollongong Devils                          3                              Down 4

8                       Wallsend Wolves                             7                              Down 1

9                       Norths UTS Bears                           10                           Up 1

10                     Newcastle City                                 –                              New


Men’s Open

After a recruitment drive that added Dylan Hennessy to an already impressive roster, the Western Suburbs Magpies proved consistently competitive through 2014. The Magpies built upon a solid Vawdon Cup outing to fall agonizingly close to a State Cup Title. Offering arguably the performance of the season, the Canterbury Bulldogs navigated their way through a wildly competitive Men’s Open Division to claim the 2014 State Cup Title and earn our 2nd seed for 2015.

Having recently announced a new head coach for 2015, the Penrith Panthers, led by their unmistakable ‘big 4’, enter the season as the 3rd seed, while Parramatta maintained the 4th seed despite a roster shift that unearthed a new wave of local talent. Debutants, the Doyalson Dragons – 5th seed, enjoyed a competitive 2014 Season claiming the Country Championship title, whilst the Easts Roosters improved to 6th.

The Hornsby Lions, still struggling to rediscover a winning formula, maintained their 7th ranking whilst Vawdon Cup Champions, the Wollongong Devils slip to 8th after a State Cup campaign that had ended by day 2. The Murwillumbah Mavericks debut at 9th seed after an undefeated State Cup outing and Sam Brisby’s Manly Sea Eagles slide to 10th after another promising but fruitless campaign.

2015 Rank     Men’s Open                                      2014 Rank            Movement

1                       Wests Magpies                                4                              Up 3

2                       Canterbury Bulldogs                     5                              Up 3

3                       Penrith Panthers                            1                              Down 2

4                       Parramatta Eels                             2                              Equal

5                       Doyalson Dragons                          –                              New

6                       Easts Roosters                                 8                              Up 2

7                       Hornsby Lions                                  7                              Equal

8                       Wollongong Devils                          3                              Down 5

9                       Murwillumbah Mavericks             –                              New

10                     Manly Sea Eagles                            6                              Down 4


  • 2015 Vawdon Cup – August 7th to November 7th
  • 2015 Country Championships – October 24th to October 25th
  • 2015 State Cup – December 4th to December 6th

Memorandum Official Rankings 2015 18.5.15

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