STH CONFERENCE Stadium Games Live

All Stadium Games for the 2020 NSW JSC Southern Conference will be live-streamed thanks once again to BAR TV.

From 9.00am tomorrow morning you can watch live, comment with support and share the live streaming with family and friends.

The fixture will be as follows: –

DAY 1 21/2/2020
9:00AM S14B
Orange Thunder 1 vs Leeton Lightning
9:30 AM S18B
Wollongong Devils vs Mudgee Mudcrabs
10:00 AM S12G
Canberra City Magic vs Bankstown Jets
10:30 AM S14G
Hills Hornets vs Canberra City Magic
11:00 AM S12B
Orange Thunder vs Milton Ulladulla Bullfrogs
11:30 AM S14B
Milton Ulladulla Bullfrogs vs Hills Hornets
12:00 PM S16G
Deakin Thunder vs Wagga Wagga Vipers
12:30 PM S18B
Penrith Panthers vs Parramatta Eels
1:00 PM S16B
Temora Titans vs Wests Magpies
1:30 PM S18G
Easts Roosters vs Sydney University Stingers
2:00 PM S12G
UNSW South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Griffith Stars
2:30 PM S18B
LBM Rangers vs Orange Thunder
3:00 PM S14B
UNSW South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Coolamon Cougars
3:30 PM S12B
Deakin Thunder vs Cronulla Sharks
4:00 PM S18G
Hills Hornets vs Parramatta Eels
4:30 PM S18B
Mudgee Mudcrabs vs Easts Roosters
DAY 2 22/2/2020
8:00 AM S14G
Parramatta Eels 1 vs Young Bluetongues
8:30 AM S16B
Bankstown Jets vs Easts Roosters
9:00 AM S18B
Wests Magpies vs Deakin Thunder
9:30 AM S14B
Parramatta Eels vs Easts Roosters
10:00 AM S16B
Coolamon Cougars vs Yass Bulls
10:30 AM S18G
Penrith Panthers vs Hills Hornets
11:00 AM S16G
Young Bluetongues vs Orange Thunder
11:30 AM S14B
Wollongong Devils vs UNSW South Sydney Rabbitohs
12:00 PM S12G
St George Dragons vs Griffith Stars
12:30 PM S18B
Balmain Tigers vs Bankstown Jets
1:00 PM S18G
Wests Magpies vs Wagga Wagga Vipers
1:30 PM S12B
Mudgee Mudcrabs vs Milton Ulladulla Bullfrogs
2:00 PM S14B
Mudgee Mudcrabs vs Young Bluetongues
2:30 PM S14G
Temora Titans vs Easts Roosters 2
3:00 PM S12G
Penrith Panthers 1 vs Yass Bulls
3:30 PM S18B
Penrith Panthers vs Hills Hornets
4:00 PM S12B
Canterbury Bulldogs vs LBM Rangers
4:30 PM S18G
Mudgee Mudcrabs vs Orange Thunder


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