Thank you Volunteers

Delivering NSW Touch Football Events involves numerous stakeholders working together towards achieving an enjoyable event for all attendees. One group of wonderful people who deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to the Sport are our Event Ambassadors (Volunteers) who contribute significantly to the running of our Events.

Today we would like to celebrate and say thank you to all of our highly valued Event Ambassadors who have volunteered with us here at NSW Touch Football. We are extremely grateful to have such kind, hardworking Event Ambassadors who are always willing to help.

From our 2018 Senior State Cup to our latest 2019 Junior State Cup Event Series we have had the following Event Ambassadors contribute to our Events:

  • Adam Collins
  • Nerrida Kirk
  • Michelle Shaw
  • Daryl Shaw
  • Kathy Lang
  • Matthew Wood
  • Julie Wiseman
  • Deanne Rushworth
  • Paul Reid
  • Peter Goodwin
  • Michael Hayes
  • Kim Cook
  • John Griffiths
  • Jenny Morgan
  • Michael Hewitt
  • Kevin Power
  • Grant Doherty
  • Milly Hughes
  • Rhiannon Dolahenty
  • Amy McDonnell
  • Jodi Denehy
  • Mary-Louise Lacey
  • Dianne Gander
  • Jan Romijn
  • Dorothy Green
  • Lynne Henry
  • Christine Phillips
  • Pat Rooke
  • Debi Gynne
  • Adele Jones
  • Bev Horsley
  • Gai Wood
  • Suzanne Towsey
  • Di Barnes

A lot of the Event Ambassadors listed above have been involved in our sport for a long time, returning year after year. We cannot thank our Event Ambassadors enough for their efforts. If you see one of our Event Ambassadors out on the field or in the Referees tent at one of our next Events please feel free to thank them for all that they do for us.

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