Technology is changing and we are moving with it.

Touch Football Australia now has in place THE NEST.  For the first time as a sport, The Nest will give our state the ability to talk to our accredited volunteers and target ongoing education opportunities to our membership. This system will let us streamline administrative processes for our course Facilitators and Referee Coaches across the country, allowing us greater reach than ever before.

As an accredited coach and or referee you will need to register your profile and accreditations by June 30th, 2020 so as your accreditation is kept active.

It is IMPERATIVE that you complete this as a priority to ensure that across our state your data is moved from what was once SportsTG (or an old school spreadsheet) to a more manageable platform accessible not only to yourself but NSW and Australia Touch Association.


5 Minutes is all it takes and we will walk you through it

1 Click HERE to open the EtrainU Link

2 Create a user profile and update your contact details

3 Make sure you are in the Training Library

4 Go through the RPL/RCC process to complete your historical Sports Education profile (below is what the RPL icons will look like)

5 Click view Courses

6 Click enrol (you will need to do this only once for the highest level of accreditation IE Elite Coach (Not Foundation, Talent and Elite) OR Level 4 Referee (Not Level 1, Level 2 (Theory Only), Level 2, etc) Referee)

7 Click start

8 Click view slides

9 Click take assessment



1 You will be asked a series of questions – don’t stress if you don’t know/remember all

the answers we are here to help 😊

2 Only complete one RPL/RCC per accreditation (as stated above)

3 You will be asked to upload your Sport Education certificate – don’t worry if you have lost it or you never received one. Touch Football Australia have created the RPL-RCC Code of Ethics Agreement for this scenario (CLICK HERE)


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in contact our Education and Events Officer Josh Benham for assistance via: –


MOBILE – 0409 425 416

OR contact James Sharp from Touch Football Australia direct who will be able to guide you through all the ins and outs of the new database structure: –


MOBILE – 0432 449 371




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