Touch’s loss is Softball’s gain

It is with sadness and disappointment that I advise you all that Daniel Rushworth, Sport Manager, is leaving the NSW Touch Association after 18 years of dedicated service. He has been offered and accepted the role of Softball NSW CEO.

Daniel commenced with us in 2001 as a Development Officer and through his ability, knowledge and innovative mindset progressed through the ranks to his current role of Sport Manager. He will leave a legacy both here at the NSWTA as well as on the game itself that will be hard to emulate. He has always shown the organisation a level of dedication that reached far beyond what he was required to do.

This has consistently been replicated in his work ethic. Importantly his views, guidance, and leadership of the affiliates, membership, staff and the sport has always reflected the views of striving toward best practice to drive the sport, especially here in NSW. His professionalism, willingness to assist, his ability to knuckle down and the get the job done, his availability to all and his desire to see organisational success will be extremely hard to replace.

While we are sorry to see Daniel leave, it is an outstanding opportunity he has been offered for his personnel development to lead a State Sporting Organisation. It is also hard to begrudge a man who has given so much to the NSWTA. In his time with our organisation and various roles he has undertaken, he has interacted with the members right across the state striving to develop and grow the game, helping our volunteers, liaising with LGA’s, running events and doing anything and everything asked of him always with maximum effort.

While personally I am saddened to see Daniel leave, I, along with the Board, understand the opportunity he has been given and we are aware this was a difficult decision. I would also acknowledge my personal gratitude for his work with our organisation publicly. Our discussions were always robust; he continually challenged the conventional thinking and challenged not only me but all whom he worked with in his time here to be the best we can be. Importantly it was not just a privilege to work with Daniel but to so in a relationship as colleagues and friends. He is a talent that we hope will not be lost to the sport entirely.

He has given his all and more to the sport, to the Board, to the staff and importantly to the membership. His contributions throughout his time with the NSWTA have far outweighed what he was required to do. On behalf of the organisation, the Board, the Members, the staff, the sport and myself personally, thank Daniel for all that he has contributed to our game, and we wish him every success in his new opportunity. It is fair to say we are now a little jealous of Softball NSW.

It would also be remiss of us not that thank Sally and his two boys Benny and Andy for allowing us to have Daniel in what is often a time-consuming environment. We wish you all the very best for the future.

Daniel will finish with the NSWTA on Friday, August 9th.

Thanks again for your service Daniel

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