The Board of the New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) is pleased to announce Liz Jackson’s appointment to the Board as Independent Director, filling the previously vacant role.

A skill gap analysis was undertaken to identify how best to fill the vacancy. An extensive review of possible candidates followed to identify potential candidates to complement the existing Board in the identified skill areas.

The Board is confident that Liz will bring her unique drive and passion to the Board and, more broadly, to the touch footballing community across NSW.

NSWTA President Mark Hearnden said, “I’m thrilled to welcome Liz to the NSWTA Board and congratulate her on the appointment. Liz is an experienced and recognised leader in education innovation and she has a great appreciation of the school systems and of the potential of school sports programs to our sport. Liz brings with her a love of our game both as a player (social and representative levels) and as a volunteer. I have no doubt that Liz will make a valuable contribution to the future of touch football in NSW through her new role as Independent Director.”

Liz has a Master’s Degree in education and is currently studying for her Ph.D. She is leading Global Capabilities – Education and Research for Sydney Catholic Schools, and in 2020 was rewarded with a global WISE Emerging Leaders Fellowship, the first Australian to receive the award.

Liz’s expertise extends in and beyond school in the design and delivery of innovative education initiatives. Liz is passionate about entrepreneurship education and promoting lifelong learning, emphasising the value of growth, relationships, and impact on self and others. She has strong views on the benefits of partnerships and how these can be beneficial in all facets of the community, including the NSWTA.

On appointment, Liz stated, “Touch Football has been part of my way of life since I was introduced to the sport through school. I am looking forward to giving back to the game that has afforded a sense of community anywhere I have lived and worked across Australia and the world. The sport has played a pivotal role in shaping my identity and I hope that through my experience in education I can assist in re-imagining current and new opportunities at the grassroots level.”

Liz has a strong background in our game. She has participated at all levels, including representing both NSW and Australia as a player. Recently she has also taken on youth coaching with her affiliate UNSW South Sydney Rabbitohs Touch Football.

The Board is excited to be working with Liz and believes her appointment will be a positive step in the continued development of the sport in NSW.

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