Sydney Scorpions – what can we say?

12 Regional Titles in a row! They’re gonna need a bigger pool room!

52 teams from the six New South Wales Regions – Sydney Mets, Sydney Scorpions, Southern Rebels, West South West Suns, Hunter Western Hornets, Northern Eagles, and ACT Raiders – arrived in Tuggerah for the 2-day event.

Only 12 months ago we stood here and stated that 2020 for our sport was an unprecedented time in the history of the Sport and 2021 was no different.

Covid in 2021 again and La Nina at the end of 2021 and now in 2022.

This effect on community sport across the nation now sees sports season delayed, put on hold, or canceled, but not this weekend.  How good was it to be back playing some touch footy and being able to do it with our mates!

Final Results

12 Girls: West South West Suns 1 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 0

Player of the Final: Abbey Hunt – West South West Suns

12 Boys: Southern Rebels 2 defeated Sydney Scorpions 1

Player of the Final:  Marshall Barlow Southern Rebels


14 Girls:

Player of the Final: Sydney Scorpions 5 defeated Sydney Mets 1

Player of the Final: Kelsey Berryman Sydney Scorpions

14 Boys: Sydney Mets 3 defeated Hunter Western Hornets

Player of the Final: Ryan Cloey Sydney Mets


16 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 3 defeated West South West Suns 1

Player of the Final: Ava Jones Sydney Scorpions

16 Boys: West South West Suns 6 defeated Sydney Scorpions 5

Player of the Final: Chase King West South West Suns


18 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 3 defeated West South West Suns 2

Player of the Final: Mackenzie Davis Sydney Scorpions

18 Boys: Hunter Western Hornets 4 defeated Sydney Scorpions 2

Player of the Final: Will Eagleton Hunter Western Hornets


Regional Championships

1st Sydney Scorpions 89pts

2nd West South West Suns 64pts

3rd Hunter Western Hornets 63pts

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