The NSWTA are pleased to announce the 2016 Elite 8 selection board and congratulate those elite players on their selection to the NSWTA Elite 8 team’s draft board. This is the first step in the process of selection to the NSW Elite 8 Teams which will participate in the 2016 Elite 8 series to be played in Coffs Harbour from March 9-12, 2016.

The Elite 8 teams are highly ranked in order of pathway behind only the State of Origin and National teams and being listed on the draft board is in itself an honour. This document aims to give you as much preliminary information as possible in relation for the event and process so you have a full understanding prior to any decision you may wish to make.

It is important to note that if you DO NOT wish to be considered for selection to the NSW Elite 8 teams it is your obligation to firstly understand that you will not be eligible to participate at the 2016 NTL. Secondly if a you DO NOT wish to be considered for the 2016 Elite 8 YOU MUST have notified the NSWTA in writing no later than November 30 2015 via the General Manager [email protected]

For players selected it is important that you read all the information provide in the attached document.

If you have not been listed and wish to be considered. You must make written representation to the General Manager, in writing for the New South Wales Elite 8 Reference Group to consider inclusion

2016 Elite 8 Selection Board Men

2016 Elite 8 Selection Board Women

The time line from this point forward is as follows

30 Nov 15 Selection Board players to advise if NOT available for selection

4 Dec 15 Three (3) City based Team Management to advise names of incumbent players they wish to quarantine, by 5pm. Mavericks notified of quarantined players.

4 Dec 14 Uniform sizing at State Cup

6 Dec 14 NSW Mavericks selections finalised

8 Dec 14 NSWTA Draft Night

12 Feb 15 Cut-off date for player selection to draft board applications

Again congratulations to all players on being selected to the draft board and we wish you all the very best for NSW Elite 8 team selection.

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