At the 2019 Junior Regionals, the NSW Touch Football Selectors have identified the merit teams for each of the 6 divisions. Each team comprises of 5 Middles, 5 Links, 3 Wingers, and a Utility player. These positions are selected on the basis of where players played for their team across the event.

NSW Touch Football would like to congratulate the following players selected;

12 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Hornets Lily CLARKE, Scorpions Waiara ELLIS, Scorpions Ava JONES, Scorpions Logan LEMUSU, Suns Holly WILLIAMS

Links: Scorpions Kelsey BERRYMAN, Hornets Ava COLE, Mets Ava DIAZ, Hornets Ella KNOWLES, Scorpions Jazzy JAMES

Wingers: Scorpions Tia MATTHEWS, Hornets Anika McCARTHY, Suns Milla PAVITT,

Utility: Scorpions Amelia HOLLIS

12 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Mets Michael JOUKHADOR, Scorpions Tamoko BERRYMAN-DUFF, Scorpions Taiaroa LOWE, Scorpions Jarvis HEMMINGS, Mets Jhett SYDIR

Links: Hornets than JARMAIN, Hornets Toby WINTER, Mets Asa VISESIO, Rebels Javess LAFOLUA, Scorpions Beau ALEXANDER

Wingers: Hornets Toby McDONALD, Mets Cruz Ethan FRANGIEH, Scorpions Luke TAKCHI

Utility: Hornets Jai CALLAGHAN

14 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Hornets AVa OSLAND, Mets Angelica JARDIM, Rebels Olivia HERMANN, Scorpions Zara HALLIDAY, Rebels Mia TOOHEY

Links: Hornets Lailani MONTGOMERY, Mets Faitala MOLEKA, Scorpions Olivia ROse INKSTER, Scorpions Raphaelle PERIGO, Rebels Tahlia SHAPIRO

Wingers: Mets Molly JONES, Scorpions Alyssa MEDVED, Hornets Ella CARLISLE

Utility: Mets Dallis WITHELL

14 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Scorpions Tylan BLACK-BERRYMAN, Hornets Kieran DIAMOND, Rebels Blake WARDROBE, Mets Jared HAYWOOD, Hornets Riley BURKE,

Links: Scorpions Lehi HOPOATE, Mets Mitchell HEATHER, Mets John Paul CATALANO, Mets Joshua DEBRITT, Suns Ethan SEMPLE

Wingers:  Suns Timothy McPHILLIPS, Mets George ELBITAR, Scorpions Alfred Mikas DE JESUS III,

Utility: Scorpions Thomas KLEM

16 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Scorpions Kiiahla DUFF, Scorpions Emily SMITH, Scorpions Grace CARPENTER, Eagles Bella RONAN, Mets Margaret O’REILLY

Links: Scorpions Holli RAAFF, Scorpions Layla RITCHIE, Hornets Lucy DILLON, Scorpions Maddison BINDING, Scorpions Millie DURDEVIC

Wingers: Scorpions Sailor PERRETT, Scorpions Hannah STACEY, Hornets Tyla BROWN

Utility: Hornets Kyah WATTERS

16 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Hornets Lachlan FITZHENRY, Scorpions Finn WATKINS, Mets Liam ISON, Scorpions Oskar WARNER, Mets Elias KIRAZ

Links: Hornets Jack COLE, Hornets Owen FLAHERTY, Scorpions Lachoneus PAKI, Mets David TAUARIKI, Hornets Bayley RAE

Wingers: Scorpions Cuban PORTER-SHEEN, Hornets Jacob FRENCH, Mets Daniel SETTINERI

Utility: Mets Zachery HUNTER

NSW Touch Football does not select merit teams from the 18’s divisions. Players are instead identified as potential squad members for the NSWTA Development Teams which participate at the National Youth Championships in September. The final squads of these are completed post-State School Team selections (CCC, CHS & CIS) and will be announced July 20

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