The NSW Touch Association as per our normal process with all events undertakes extensive reviews, which includes stakeholder feedback via surveys and other direct means.

Specifically in relation to the Vawdon Cup 2019, this has required further analysis and review, due to the extensive elite calendar with the World Cup in May and the continuation of an expanded NRL Touch Premiership which now crosses over into the historical Vawdon Cup schedule through to mid August.

Upon the release of the NRL Touch Premiership draw in January, the NSW Touch Association recognised the challenges that the schedule would have on not only the elite players and officials that participate in our pathway but also those that are aspiring to be at that level.

The Vawdon Cup construct for 2019 would need to be reviewed whilst maintaining the integrity and history of this prestigious competition.

As such the following memorandum includes this and further information in relation to the 2019 Vawdon Cup

Memorandum: 2019 Vawdon Cup Update & Review Findings

Competition Dates 

Round 1: Friday 23rd August
Round 2: Friday 30th August
Round 3: Friday 6th September
Round 4 & 5: Sunday 8th September
Round 6 & 7: Sunday 15th September
Round 8: Friday 27th September
Round 9: Friday 4th October
Round 10 & 11: Sunday 13th October
Finals Week 1 Friday 18th October
Finals Week 2 Friday 25th October
Grand Final Sunday 27th October

Final details of the competition will be released with Vawdon Cup Conditions of Entry on May 15th and also via the Vawdon Cup Information Page.

Any questions in relation to this information please contact NSW Touch Football Sport Manager Daniel Rushworth via [email protected]

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