At the 2021 Junior Regionals, the NSW Touch Football Selectors have identified the merit teams for each of the 8 divisions. Each team comprises of 5 Middles, 5 Links, 3 Wingers, and a Utility player.

These positions are selected on the basis of where players played for their team across the event.

NSW Touch Football would like to congratulate the following players selected;

12 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Scorpions Talia BLACK-BERRYMAN, Scorpions Ruby NERO, Hornets Keira CALLAGHAN, Rebels Shah WAKELY, Rebels Tahlia WEIGAND

Links: Scorpions Layla TONGA, Hornets Abbie EAGLETON, Mets Aliyah WEIPURI, Rebels Keira TOOHEY, Scorpions Charlotte BAUN

Wingers: Scorpions Scout FERGUSON, Rebels Ocean BRADLEY, Rebels Ava REID

Utility: Rebels Charli REISENLEITER

12 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Scorpions Harry SMYTHE, Mets Kingston GRAHAM-WITHELL, Mets Matteo DUNN-REUPENA, Mets Ryan CLOEY, Suns Levi FIEN

Links: Hornets Khyanu MAHON, Hornets Samuel HILL, Scorpions Isaac CARLILE, Scorpions Beau PATTERSON, Suns Ruben EVANS

Wingers: Suns Preston SAGER, Scorpions Ethan FLECTHER, Scorpions Lachlan HEAD

Utility: Suns Angus BANKS

14 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Mets Ellie BARNETT, Mets Claudia MEAKER, Scorpions Logan LEMUSU, Scorpions Waiaria ELLIS, Scorpions Khyliah GRAY

Links: Mets Jade ELFORD, Scorpions Mia TONGA, Scorpions Talea TONGA, Hornets Alice MITCHELL, Hornets Ella KNOWLES

Wingers: Mets Sienna BRUCE, Scorpions Olivia DURDEVIC, Hornets Stevie BOTHAM

Utility: Suns Holly WILLIAMS

14 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Hornets Nate SIMPSON, Mets Taj JELACIC, Hornets Ryan TAKAPUA, Mets Tyler BERNIE, Hornets Layth BRAIN

Links: Mets Jhett SYDIR, Scorpions Logan TOLAR, Hornets Isaac FOTO-MOALA, Hornets Sam FLAKUS, Mets Manos LAGOS

Wingers:  Hornets Owen KNOWLES, Hornets Jye STONE, Scorpions Luke TAKCHI

Utility: Mets Joseph MATTA

16 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Hornets Kate GOODHAND, Scorpions Piper SIMONS, Scorpions Mackenzie DAVIS, Mets Molly JONES, Scorpions Chelsea SMYTH

Links: Scorpions Nina VAN DER REYDEN, Hornets Morgan MANNION, Hornets Zali CHIPPENDALE, Mets Caitlin HALSE, ACT Lahni HALL

Wingers: Rebels Reese CAINE, Scorpions Ellie WILSON, Hornets Ava SIMPSON

Utility: Hornets Ava FORSTER

16 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Scorpions Tylan BERYMAN, Mets Ethan SWINDLE, Hornets Riley BURKE, Hornets Taimana ELERS, Mets Riley BARGLIK

Links: Scorpions Vaviakila RAWALI, Mets Jaxen EDGAR, Mets John Paul CATALANO, Mets Riley POLLARD, Hornets Liam BUCKLEY

Wingers: Scorpions Charlie BOYLE, Mets Cameron CLOEY, Hornets Same WILSON

Utility: Suns Ethan SEMPLE

18 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Scorpions Emily SMITH, Scorpions Holli RAAFF, Mets Mia RODGERS, Hornets Josie CLARKE, ACT Giz VEA

Links: Scorpions Layla RITCHIE, Hornets Hailey PRESTWIDGE, Scorpions Lara WILKINSON, Hornets Jules KIRKPATRICK, Hornets Kyah WATTERS

Wingers: Hornets Tyla BROWN, Scorpions Sophie KAVANAGH, Scorpions Sarah RYAN

Utility: Rebels Ruby THOMASYA

18 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team

Middles: Hornets Lachlan FITZHENRY, Scorpions Finn WATKINS, Hornets Hemi KNEBEL, Mets Zac HUNTER, Scorpions Matthew CURL

Links: Hornets Owen FLAHERTY, Mets Luke HANSON, Mets Keegan RUSSELL-SMITH, Scorpions Cooper ANGLES-CORK, Scorpions Reilly CANNING

Wingers: Hornets Hugh DOHERTY, Hornets Will STEEL, Mets Daniel SETTINERI

Utility: Scorpions Will HICKEY



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