At the 2023 Junior Regionals in Tuggerah the NSW Touch Football Selectors have identified the Merit Teams for each of the divisions.

Each team comprises of 5 Middles, 5 Links, 3 Wingers, and a Utility player. These positions are selected on the basis of where players played for their team across the event.

NSW Touch Football would like to congratulate the following players selected;

12 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team *

Middles: Briana McQueeny METS, Kendall Kilby SCORPIONS, Clancy Simmons WSWS, Frankie Hurley REBELS, Macey Braithwaite WSWS

Links: Malisi Darcy HORNETS, Jamaica Polly METS, Leah Fowler REBELS, Isabel Baggio WSWS, Lily Matthews WSWS

Wingers: Olivia Bailey WSWS, Jess Ludbrooke REBELS, MIa McDonald HORNETS

Utility: Zoe Lych SCORPIONS

12 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team *

Middles: Lachlan Dorahy SCORPIONS, Kobe Bishop SCORPIONS, Zuma Weaver REBELS, Benjamin Nasio METS, Tyker J0hnson HORNETS

Links: Ethan Wardle METS, Elijah Koopu METS, Remy Cross METS, Tarek HOUCHER HORNETS, Stirling Stuart SCORPIONS

Wingers: Peini Ika METS, Ariki Wihongi SCORPIONS, Max Isreal REBELS

Utility: Beau Cooper SCORPIONS

14 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team*

Middles: Chaniel Berryman SCORPIONS, Talia Berryman SCORPIONS, Paloma Campos SCORPIONS, Molly Fitzhenry HORNETS, Ellazae Elers HORNETS

Links: Indii Bower REBELS, Jarrah Young HORNETS, Layla Tonga SCORPIONS, April Gardiner WSWS, Leni Tandek 

Wingers: Lexi Manning HORNETS, Kalani Anderson REBELS, Temeike Withers SCORPIONS

Utility: Shah Wakely SCORPIONS

14 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team *

Middles: Rico Elers HORNETS, Tukia Fotu-Moala HORNETS, Ryan Cloey METS, Marcus Hammond REBELS, Cahyll Foster EAGLES

Links: Riley Barnes HORNETS, Ezeikal Tataia METS, Locklen Oti WSWS, Hussien Ibrahim REBELS, Jack Allen HORNETS

Wingers: Caleb Lewis HORNETS, Brownson Stokes METS, Preston Sager REBELS

Utility: Ruben Evans SUNS

16 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team*

Middles: Waiara Ellis SCORPIONS, Claudia Meaker METS, Alice Mitchell HORNETS, Logan Lemusu SCORPIONS, Ava Jones SCORPIONS

Links: Holly Williams WSWS, Lily Quigley ACT RAIDERS, Anika McCarthy HORNETS, Mia Tonga SCORPIONS, Tia Matthews SCORPIONS

Wingers: Millie Barnes HORNETS, Sienna Bruce METS, Lucy Martin WSWS

Utility: Breanna Rawlings HORNETS

16 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team *

Middles: Chayse Geros SCORPIONS, Michael Joukhador METS, Jordie Harris HORNETS, Saxon Gaw SCORPIONS, Kale White HORNETS

Links: Tamoko Berryman-Duff SCORPIONS, Jordan Barlow REBELS, Taj Jelacic METS, Jaylan Bishop HORNETS, Taj Thompson SCORPIONS

Wingers: Cruz Frangieh METS, Noah Carlson HORNETS, Alex McIlwraith SCORPIONS

Utility: Nate Simpson HORNETS

18 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team *

Middles: Brooke Bosland SCORPIONS, Tynise Bowrey REBELS, Keely Stevens METS, Ava Forster HORNETS, Kate Goodhand HORNETS

Links: Tasma Patterson SCORPIONS, Zali Chippendale HORNETS, Annabelle Ross HORNETS, Alexia Eagleton HORNETS, Tiani Smith SCORPIONS

Wingers: Isabell Dale SCORPIONS, Ava Simpson HORNETS, Aaliyah Ibraham REBELS

Utility: Grace French SCORPIONS

18 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team *

Middles: Max Marsters SCORPIONS, Blake Wardrobe REBELS, Jack Dean WSWS, Blake Long SCORPIONS, Taimana Elers HORNETS

Links: John Paul Catalano METS, Charlie Walkaden HORNETS, Zane Walker REBELS, Charlie Boyle SCORPIONS, Prince Gyan METS

Wingers: JaydenDouglas SCORPIONS, Nash RItchie SCORPIONS, Jacob McDermott HORNETS

Utility: Ethan Swindle METS

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