Firstly, we would like to thank the number of parents who have been contacting us on social media, phone or email with questions, suggestions and feedback on the 2021 Junior State Cup State Finals.

For clarity please note the following.

Due to the forced cancellation of the Northern Conference, there will be no State Finals. This is due to the fact that the competition was not completed to a position at the time of cancellation, where a fair or equitable solution to provide a northern conference representative. Therefore there is no solution that also protects the integrity of a State Championship. We are all disappointed by this situation, however, it is the position that we find ourselves in.

For those who are advising us that because the Northern Conference was forced to be cancelled it is “unfair” that the Southern Conference is allowed to proceed can we advise the following.

The Junior State Cup is three (3) separate events. There is a Northern Conference event that teams participate in to be the Northern Conference Champion and then the Southern Conference event that teams participate in to be Southern Conference Champion.

What occurs at one event does not impact what occurs in the other Conference.

The third event is the State Final which this year will not occur but would have brought the winner of each conference together.

Lastly for those parents from the Southern Conference who are asking or suggesting that with the cancellation of the Northern event – will that make the Southern Conference winners State Champions?

The answer is no.

They will be however the Southern Conference Champions.

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