From 1956 to 1966 the St George NRL Team won an astonishing 11 consecutive premierships

Sydney Scorpions Touch Football Region has just won an astonishing 13 consecutive Regional Titles – a dominance that started back in 2011

53 teams from the six New South Wales Regions – Sydney Mets, Sydney Scorpions, Southern Rebels, West South West Suns, Hunter Western Hornets, Northern Eagles, and ACT Raiders – arrived in Tuggerah for the 2-day event.

The weather gods were kind (considering the predictions a few days leading into the event) with perfect touch-footy weather on Saturday and heating up leading into finals day Sunday.

Our thanks go once again to Central Coast Regional Sporting & Recreation Complex and their amazing team who have once again displayed their facilities in top condition, our Regions for their preparation and all our parents who allowed their children to train for this event

Final Results

12 Girls: West South West Suns 3 defeated Southern Rebels 2

Referees: Xavier Lemusu, Atikah Scott, Leon Gonzalez

Player of the Final: Macey Braithwaite WSWS

12 Boys: Sydney Scorpions 6 defeated Sydney Mets 3

Referees: Cooper Jones, Tua Marsters, Brendan Neville

Player of the Final: Beau Cooper SCORPIONS

14 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 4 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 3

Referees: Chris Reynolds, Grahm Goodwin, Amanda Hollis

Player of the Final: Shah Wakely SCORPIONS

14 Boys: Hunter Western Hornets 6 defeated Southern Rebels 1

Referees: Peter Cooper, Vince Costigan, Hayden Wearne

Player of the Final: Nate Horsey HORNETS

16 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 6 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 1

Referees: Mason Colwell, Michael Halling, Matthew Bowcock

Player of the Final: Logan Lemusu SCORPIONS

16 Boys: Sydney Scorpions 6 defeated Hunter Western Hornet 4

Referees: Charlie Cheesley, Anthony Smith, Stephen Pike

Player of the Final: Tamoko Berryman-Duff SCORPIONS

18 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 5 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 4

Referee: Cody Reynolds, Blake Richards, Savannah Draper

Player of the Final: Grace French SCORPIONS

18 Boys: Sydney Scorpions 5 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 4

Referees: Brandon Sanderson, Ryan Wake, Daniel Kustec

Player of the Final: Max Marsters SCORPIONS


Regional Championships

1st Sydney Scorpions 97pts

2nd Hunter Western Hornets 72pts

3rd Southern Rebels 55pts

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